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Gemstones by Name
Use these links to shop for beaded jewelry with a specific gemstone.
Matching necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants are priced separately.
Photos of women wearing the jewelry will help you see lengths and bead sizes.
Gemstone Colors Available
Agate Jewelry (moss, tree, blue lace, etc)
Crazy Lace Agate Jewelry all
Amazonite Jewelry light blue, green
Amber Jewelry yellow, brown
Ambronite Jewelry yellow
Amethyst Jewelry purple, green
Apatite Jewelry aqua,.teal
Aquamarine Jewelry aqua, blue, green
Aventurine Jewelry green, red
Black Onyx Jewelry black
Faceted Black Onyx Jewelry black
Calcite Jewelry yellow
Carnelian Jewelry orange
Chalcedony Jewelry blue, dyed other
Chrysoprase Jewelry green,
Citrine Jewelry yellow, brown
Coral Jewelry red, orange, pink, white
Dumortierite Jewelry dark blue
Emerald Jewelry green
Fluorite Jewelry almost all
Fossil Jewelry white, dyed all
Garnet Jewelry red, green, brown
Goldstone Jewelry brown, blue
Hematite Jewelry gray
Hemimorphite Jewelry blue
Hypersthene Jewelry dark grayish black
Iolite Jewelry dark blue
Jade Jewelry green, dyed all
Jasper Jewelry all
Labradorite Jewelry gray
Lapis Jewelry blue
Lepidolite Jewelry purple, pink
Malachite Jewelry green, red
Moonstone Jewelry white, orange, gray
Multi Gemstone Jewelry all
Muscovite Jewelry reddish brown
Obsidian Jewelry brown
Opal Jewelry dyed all
Opalite Jewelry blue
Peace Stone Jewelry mottled gray green
Peridot Jewelry green
Pietersite Jewelry brown
Prehnite Jewelry green
Quartz Jewelry (smoky, rose, lemon,etc)
Rhodochrosite Jewelry pink
Rhodonite Jewelry pink
Ruby Jewelry red
Sapphire Jewelry all
Seraphinite Jewelry green
Serpentine Jewelry green
Shadow Stone Jewelry green
Sodalite Jewelry blue
Spectrolite Jewelry dark blue
Sugilite Jewelry purple, pink
Sunstone Jewelry orange red
Tanzanite Jewelry blue
Tiger Eye Jewelry brown, dark red
Tourmaline Jewelry all
Turquoise Jewelry blue, green
Unakite Jewelry green with pink

Gemstones by Color
Use these links to shop for handmade beaded gemstone necklaces or earrings by color.

Gemstone Necklaces Gemstone Earrings
Black and Gray Necklaces Black Earrings
Black Onyx Necklaces Blue Earrings
Blue Necklaces Brown Earrings
Light Blue Necklaces Gray Earrings
Brown Necklaces Green Earrings
Green Necklaces Pink Earrings
Light Green Necklaces Purple Earrings
Orange Necklaces Red and Orange Earrings
Pink Necklaces White Earrings
Purple Necklaces Yellow Earrings
Red and Orange Necklaces Multi Color Earrings
White Necklaces
Yellow Necklaces  
Multi Color Necklaces  

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Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry
Unusual Gemstone Jewelry
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