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Did you know that jade can be other colors in addition to green. The natural colors are not bright.
This jade jewelry is handmade gemstone jewelry. The beaded necklaces contain genuine gemstones. The green nephrite beads are genuine jade. The other colors may be dyed jade or a trade name for a different gemstone. Matching handmade gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Pink Jade NecklacePink Jade Necklace A nice pink color with black inclusions in a few of the beads. Our design uses black seed beads to accent them. Would be outstanding with a black shirt or top. Tip: Use this necklace with the basic black onyx or other strands in the onyx mix and match set. #128 Pink Jade Necklace with S hook clasp sold
Pink Jade
Pink jade earringsPink Jade Gemstone Earrings One of a kind The pink jade bead is a 9mm coin. Matches the pink jade necklace #128 #5005 Pink Jade Earrings $15
Nephrite Jade Necklace green nephrite jade necklace Medium and dark green genuine jade with gold accents.This is olive green and goes well with earth tone clothes. #410 Green Jade Necklace $45
Handmade African Jade Necklace green African jade necklace Gemstone jewelry handcrafted with African jade graduated oval beads. A blend of pure greens, not olive, that will match forest green or mint green. #505 African Jade Beaded Necklace SOLD
Green Pearl and Jade Gemstone Necklace green nephrite jade and pearl necklace Handmade beaded jewelry combining green pearls and green nephrite jade oval beads. Czech faceted crystal beads complete this unique necklace design. These greens are olive type shades. Looks great with gold or tan clothes. #433 Beaded Green Pearl and Jade Necklace $40
Handmade Rose Jade Gemstone Necklace rose jade necklace This handmade beaded jewelry is a unique combination of dark rose jade with matching agate coins as a focal point.The colors in the agate range from a dark reddish purple to a light rose with light gray bands. #479Beaded Rose Jade and Agate Necklace $40
Yellow Jade Gemstone Necklace yellow jade gemstone necklace This yellow beaded gemstone jewelry is also known as Ambronite. The colors range from transparent white to dark golden yellow with a few touches of red. Handcrafted with little spacer beads of sterling silver and gold. Wear this unique beaded necklace in any season. Especially nice with autumn colors. #1049 Handmade Beaded Yellow Jade Necklace $35
Dark Green Genuine Jade and Garnet Necklace Dark green jade and garnet necklace Combination of very dark green and dark red genuine gemstones. Bali type sterling silver accents.Can be worn with almost any color clothes. #394 Genuine Dark Green Jade Necklace $49
Light Purple Jade Necklacelight purple jade necklace lavendar jade necklaceStunning colors of lavender and purple in faceted beads that sparkle. Sterling silver spacers add an elegant look to this necklace. one of a kind #377 Lavender Jade Necklace $40
Lavender Jade Earrings lavendar jade earrings This beautiful dyed light purple color matches necklace #377 #5188 Lavender Jade Earrings sold
Handmade Yellow and Green Jade Necklace lemon jade necklace These gemstone beads are named lemon jade, but there is actually more lime green than yellow.in them. This gemstone jewelry looks best when worn with contrasting color clothes. #293 Lemon Jade Handmade Beaded Necklace $35
handcrafted blue and white jade necklaceWhite and Blue Jade Necklaceblue and white jade necklace The blue jade is called candy jade and is dyed. The blue mother of pearl bracelet and earrings match this necklace #317 White and Blue Jade Necklace $40
blue mother of pearl earringsBlue Mother of Pearl Earrings Can be worn with necklace #317 and bracelet #2013 #5121 Blue Mother of Pearl Earrings $16
handmade peach jade and white coral necklacePeach Jade and White Coral Necklace This pale peach and creamy coral looks especially nice with browns. #282 Peach Jade and White Coral Necklace SOLD
handmade blue mountain jade necklace Blue Mountain Jade, Betelnut and Wood Necklace Handmade jewelry designed with bright blue mountain jade (dolomite), betelnuts, dark brown wood, and white fossil beads. A unique beaded necklace that is long, yet light weight and easy to wear. #327 Mountain Jade and Wood Beaded Necklace $35
ruby jade necklaceRuby Jade and Bali Silver Necklace Stunning deep red with contrasting black. Antique silver beads directly from Bali. With black, gray, or white clothes adds a striking contrast to the top of your image. #198 Ruby Jade Necklace $48
ruby jade with clothes
onyx Bali silver earringsLarge Black Onyx and Bali Silver Chandelier Earrings Use these or any of the other black onyx earrings with necklace #198 also available as clip on earrings #5065 Black Onyx Chandelier Earrings $21
The name jade has been used for a trade name for many other kinds of gemstones. Serpentine has been called new jade, lemon jade, olive jade, and soochow jade. Mountain jade is actually a dyed high grade dolomite marble. Candy jade is a white stone similar to jade that has been dyed many bright colors. African jade can be an opaque grossular garnet. Any bright color that is not found in natural jade is probably artificial, often dyed. The natural colors of jade are not as bright. It is confusing, because some sellers include the geographical name where the real jade is found. The names used for jewelry on this page are the ones used by our supplier.
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