Gemstone, Glass and Swarovski Bracelets

You will find handmade beaded bracelets for sale here. Scroll down. Click on a photo to see more information and a larger photo.
Our gemstone bracelets use genuine gemstone beads. The glass bracelets use seed beads or lampwork glass beads. Our cultured pearl bracelets use mother of pearl or freshwater pearls. Our sterling silver bracelets use sterling silver beads or chains. Our Swarovski crystal bracelets use genuine Swarovski crystal beads.
Swarovski Crystal Bracelets Beautiful sparkling Swarovski bracelets are handmade as colorful crystal beads bracelets as well as clear crystal beads bracelets. Many of these beaded bracelets include silver beads, gemstones or Swarovski pearls with the Swarovski crystal beads.
Swarovski Multi Color Crystal and Quartz Bracelet multi color crystal and quartz bracelet Colorful crystals contrast with frosted quartz. Matches necklace #370. Use it to make a long necklace. #2019 Swarovski Multi Color and Quartz Bracelet SOLD
Most of these handcrafted beaded bracelets have matching necklaces and earrings. Both can be found together on the appropriate page according to their bead content. Gemstone, Glass, Swarovski, Pearl, etc. Use the links beside the Handmade Beaded Jewelry .Org home page, or look in the drop down menu under Online Jewelry Store at the top of every page. Earrings are also located on the earring page.
Swarovski Three Shades of Red Beaded Crystal Bracelet Red crystal bracelet Bright red to almost black with clear crystal seed beads. Matches and can be used to extend the length of necklace #365 #2020 Swarovski Siam Crystal Bracelet $31
Swarovski Yellow Green and Silver Bracelet green and yellow crystal bracelet Lime green and soft yellow combine with sterling silver for a colorful crystal beads bracelet. #2021 Swarovski Jonquil and Peridot Crystal Bracelet $33
Swarovski Purple and Aqua Crystal Bead Necklace purple and aqua crystal bracelet Amethyst purple and pastel aqua combine with silver beads. #2022 Swarovski Amethyst Crystal Bracelet $29.50
Swarovski Turquoise and Padparadscha Crystal Bracelet turquoise crystal bracelet Peachy red and several shades of turquoise blue #2023 Swarovski Turquoise Crystal Bracelet $29
Swarovski Pearl and Opal Crystal Bracelet Swarovski pearl and opal bracelet Swarovski pink pearls combined with 4 colors of crystal opals make beautiful pastel color jewe;ry. Matches necklace #372. Combine them to adjust length. #2024 Swarovski Pink Pearl and Opal Bracelet $29.50
Handmade Swarovski All Birthstone Colors Bracelet Swarovski birthstones bracelet Historical information tells us that people collected all the birthstones and wore each one during its assigned month. Read more This colorful handmade beaded bracelet would look beautiful even if the sparkling Swarovski crystal beads had no significance as birthstones. The birthstone colors give it added value. Use it for a gift, a mother’s bracelet, or a gift to yourself. Length: 8 inches. Contact us to order a different length. #2028 Birthstone Colors Handmade Swarovski Bracelet $23.50
Swarovski Crystal BraceletSwarovski Clear Crystal Bracelet Clasp: Silver magnetic with tiny AB crystals. #2004 Swarovski Clear Crystal Bracelet $32.75SOLD
You can special order handcrafted custom made jewelry. Choose Swarovski crystal bracelets  in your favorite color. Perhaps in your birthstone color. The Swarovski color chart is under Learn About Beads in the Swarovski section. Birthstone colors are in the charts under All About Beads. A Swarovski mother’s birthstone bracelet can contain the birthstones of her children as well as her own. An affordable gift.
Glass Bead Bracelets
Most of these glass beaded bracelets are lampwork bracelets. They are handmade using glass beads with flowers, hearts or millefiori.tiny flowers. They may contain gemstones or silver.
red with flower glass braceletRed with White Flower Glass Bracelet Use it with the blue and white glass necklace #311 for patriotic colors or wear it with the white glass flower bracelet #2012 #2011 Red Glass Flower Bracelet $19
Dark Red Heart BraceletDark Red Heart Bracelet One of a kind. Matches necklace #157 #2001 Red Heart Glass Bracelet SOLD
Red millefiori and fossil necklaceRed Millefiori and Fossil Bracelet Tiny flowers in red glass tubes combined with off white fossil. Matches necklace #309 and can be combined to extend length. #2010 Red Millefiori Glass Bracelet $26
lampwork glass and gemstone braceletLampwork Glass and Gemstone Beaded Bracelet Light green vine design in pink lampwork glass beads with the colors repeated by rosy pink cherry quartz and light green new jade gemstone beads. Use it to extend the length of the matching necklace #323 Length: 8 inches. #2016 Handmade Pink and Green Lampwork Glass Bracelet $21

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Gemstone, Mother of Pearl, and Bone Bracelets

Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Gemstone Bracelets
Handmade beaded bracelets using genuine gemstones. Other kinds of beads may be used as spacers or to add interest. Our handmade gemstone bracelets are easy to wear and suitable for many occasions.
Amazonite Blue Gemstone Bracelet
amazonite gemstone bracelet

Light aqua gemstones with Swarovski crystal used as spacers.
#2025 Handmade Amazonite Bracelet $29.50SOLD

Black Onyx and Copper Bracelet
copper and onyx bracelet

A unique handmade bracelet combining copper beads with black onyx genuine gemstone beads.
Perfect worn with a copper or black onyx necklace and earrings.
#2034 Black Onyx and Copper Beaded Bracelet $33
Black Onyx Gemstone Bracelet
black onyx bracelet

Black Rectangles with round black spacers. Matches anything.
#2026 Black Onyx Bracelet $28.50

Hematite Bracelet
hematite bracelet

Unusual hematite bracelet. Silver flower shape metal beads add a decorative touch.
#2027 Hematite and Silver Flower Bracelet $19.75SOLD
Large Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet black onyx bracelet
Handmade beaded bracelet with genuine black onyx. Large flat coin and diamond shape beads. Matches any black onyx necklace.
Length: 8 inches, also available 8 1/2 inches.
#2031 Black Onyx Gemstone Bracelet $33.75SOLD
Light Blue Quartz BraceletLight Blue Quartz Gemstone Bracelet
Matches necklace #127
#2002 Light Blue Quartz Handmade Bracelet $27.25

Large Black Gemstone Bracelet black onyx bracelet
This handmade bracelet features large black oval beads with specks of silver that sparkle.
A toggle clasp makes it easy to fasten.
Black Handcrafted Beaded Bracelet $41.75
Green Turquoise BraceletApple Green Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet
Matches necklace #138
#2003 Handmade Beaded Apple Green Turquoise Bracelet $27.25SOLD
Similar available

Turquoise and Black Onyx Bracelet
turquoise bracelet

December birthstone.
A beaded bracelet combining little black onyx beads with turquoise pebble shape beads.
Matches turquoise necklace #528, and can be used to extend its length.
Length: 7 3/4 inches.
#2033 Handmade Turquoise Bracelet $23SOLD
Yellow Fire Agate Handmade Gemstone Bracelet
yellow fire agate bracelet

Faceted beads in various shades from orange to pale yellow with white mottling.
Matches necklace #490 and can be used to extend its length.
Length: 8 inches When measuring your wrist, allow extra length for thick beads.
#2029 Yellow Fire Agate Handcrafted Beaded Bracelet $27.50
Cherry Quartz Bracelet with Lampwork Glass
cherry quartz beaded bracelet

Rosy pink cherry quartz with a matching pink flower in a blue lompwork glass bead.
Matches necklace #289 and can be attached to extend the necklace length.
Bracelet length: 8 1/4 inches
#2008 Cherry Quartz Handmade Beaded Bracelet $27.75
Pearl Bracelets
Our pearl handmade bracelets contain colorful mother of pearl beads or freshwater pearl beads. We do not use faux pearls (imitation). Swarovski crystal pearls are only used in Swarovski bracelets.
Handmade Blue Mother of Pearl Bracelet
blue mother of pearl bracelet

Medium blue silvery coin shape mother of pearl beads highlighted with black lines. Black spacers.complement the lines.
Any bead can be rotated to show a different design on the back.
Matching earrings priced separately.
Length: 7 3/4 inches
#2030 Blue Mother of Pearl Handmade Beaded Bracelet $25
Blue mother of pearl and candy jade braceletLight Blue Mother of Pearl Bracelet
Matches necklace #317
#2013 Blue Mother of Pearl Beaded Bracelet $27

brown mother of pearl braceletGolden Brown Mother of Pearl Bracelet
Matches #152 necklace
#2000 Brown mother of pearl hnadmade bracelet $26.25SOLD

Handmade Wood and Bone Bracelets
Handmade beaded bracelets with carved bone or wood. Only beads made of natural materials are used, no imitations.
handmade carved bone braceletHandmade Bone Bracelet
Off white bone featuring carved bone beads.
Matches necklace #278.
Combine the necklace and bracelet to create a long carved bone necklace.
#2007 Carved Bone Bracelet $20

Coquette bracelet
More beaded jewelry options. See the home page. handmade beaded jewelry .org

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