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Wood Jewelry. Bone Jewelry. Natural Jewelry.

Would you like light weight, easy to wear jewelry? Treat yourself and try natural materials. Scroll down to see handmade wood bead jewelry and bone bead jewelry. Matching earrings priced separately. Click a photo for more info and a larger picture.
Do you have shirts, tops, or sweaters in pretty colors that are difficult to match? Our handmade beaded natural wood jewelry is designed and handcrafted using various shades ranging from nearly black to almost white. The neutral browns of wood beads, as well as the tans and white of bone beads can be worn with many colors. Fuchsia, coral, lime green, blues, pinks, yellows, and numerous others. A wood Mix and Match Set could fill many needs. brown and beige with burnt wood necklaceLight and Dark Brown with Burnt Wood Necklace Large focal point wood beads with a burnt wood design. Great for casual clothes. #211 Handmade Burnt Wood Necklace $30
China Picture Jasper and Wood Necklaces Set The necklaces in this set may be adjusted as described on the Mix and Match Sets page. This handmade beaded jewelry set uses 25mm length gold plate S hook clasps similar in style to the silver clasps used in many of the other sets. Necklaces priced and sold separately. The China picture jasper is also called wood jasper. It is a gemstone that resembles wood in color.
Wood and Jasper Necklace China Picture Jasper and Wood Necklace A nice basic natural wood in 3 colors that is very versatile. #W142 Handmade Beaded Wood and Jasper Necklace $29
Wood Coin and Jasper Necklace Wood Coin and China Picture Jasper Necklace The coin beads have a distinctive wood grain which adds to the natural look of this neutral color necklace. #W143 Jasper and Wood Coin Necklace $29
Wood Earrings Wood Earrings These wood earrings contain round beads. Can be ordered as clip on earrings. Match the W142 and W143 necklaces W5012 Handcrafted Wood earrings $16
zig zag burnt wood earringsZig Zag Burnt Wood and Dark Brown Wood Earrings Large wood ovals with a burnt wood design. Match wood necklace #211 (at the top of this page) Can be ordered as clip on earrings. #5084 Handcrafted Burnt Wood Earrings $15
Wood, Betel Nut and Fossil Necklace Wood, Betel Nut and Fossil Necklace The betelnut combines the colors in the wood and fossil. It is a bead that adds a unique and interesting look to the necklace. Tip: Dark brown and off white can be worn with almost any color. #171 Wood and Betelnut Necklace $25SOLD
betelnut earringsBetelnut Earrings Dark wood matches the dark veins in the tan bettlenut. Can be ordered as clip on earrings. Matches necklace #171 #5082 Betelnut Earrings $15
Handcrafted Wood Pendant Necklace wood pendant necklace Unique wood jewelry design, carved brown wood pendant on a horn necklace. #373 Carved Wood Pendant Necklace $29 SOLD
Long Wood Big Bead Necklace big wood necklace Brown large beads in a long wooden necklace. Wear it with any color. #324 Handmade Wood Beaded Necklace $34 SOLD
Brown Wood Bicone Earrings dark wood bicone earrings Matches necklace #324 #5132 Dark Brown Bicone Earrings $14
carved bone necklace with pendantAntique Bone Necklace with Carved Bone Pendant A bird and flowers are carved in this large bone pendant. Coordinating large carved beads in the necklace. A neutral light tan color that goes with anything. Use the matching bracelet #2007 to create a longer necklace. Matching earrings #5081 make a nice handmade beaded jewelry set. #278 Bone Necklace with Carved Pendant SOLD
handmade carved bone braceletAntique Bone Bracelet Large carved bone beads highlight this bone bracelet. Matches necklace #278 and can be used to extend the length of the necklace. #2007 Handmade Beaded Antique Bone Bracelet $20
handmade carved bone earringsCarved Bone Earrings Off white carved bone beads give a feminine look. Light weight and easy to wear. They match the beads in necklace #278 and bracelet #2007. #5081 Carved Bone Earrings $16
wood and bone necklace Wood and Antique Bone Necklace Tip: The color of the wood is a rosy brown that goes well with rust colors.The copper toggle clasp accents the color of the wood. #172 Handmade Wood and Bone Necklace $29
Antique Bone Earrings Antique Bone Earrings bone beads, small gold filled beads also available in clip on earrings Matches necklace #172 or others containing antique bone. #5036 Antique Bone Earrings $15
Coquette chewing bone
Burnt Wood Necklace Burnt Wood Necklace  The burned design and round beads are almost black. Wood beads jewelry is excellent with casual clothes. #173 Handmade Burnt Wood Necklace $29
Dark Wood Earring Dark Wood Earring  Dark wood beads, small sterling silver beads also available in clip on earrings Matches necklace #174 or any other that contains dark wood #5041 Dark Wood Earrings $15
brown carved wood necklaceBrown with Carved Wood Necklace Brown wood with yellow jasper gemstones and carved wood beads. Nice with fall colors, yet wear it any time. #213 Brown Carved Wood Necklace $29SOLD
Rust and beige wood with horn beads necklaceRust and Beige Wood with Horn Beads Necklace Contrasting rusty brown and light beige wood beads. Highlighted with carved horn pipe beads. #214 Rust and Beige Wood with Horn Necklace $29
carved horn and brown wood earringsCarved Horn and Brown Wood Earrings Light tan horn with dark carved design matched with brown wood beads Matches necklace #214 Can be ordered as clip on earrings. #5083 Tan Horn and Brown Wood Earrings $15
Black and white wood and horn necklaceBlack Wood and White Bone with Horn Beads Necklace Unique eye catching contrast of black and white using natural beads. Focal beads of black horn with white carved designs. #215 Black and White with Horn Beads Necklace $29
burnt wood necklace setBurnt Wood Mix and Match Necklace Set Designs are burned into wood beads. Large ovals in one necklace and rice shaped beads in the other necklace. Combine both to create a unique 2 strand necklace. Look for other ideas on the Mix and Match page.
brown and beige wood necklace with burnt wood riceBrown and Beige Necklace with Burnt Wood Beads The colors in the burnt wood rice beads are repeated by the off white and brown wood beads.Add necklace #BW253 to create an extra long wood necklace. #BW252 Handmade Burnt Wood Necklace $35
dark and medium brown wood necklace with burnt wood barrelBrown Wood Necklace with Large Burnt Wood Ovals Dark and medium brown beads are accented by large burnt wood square barrel shaped beads.Use it alone, or also buy #BW252 and combine them. #BW253 Brown Wood and Burnt Wood Necklace $38
large burnt wood square oval earringsLarge Burnt Wood Square Oval and Brown Wood Earrings The large burnt wood ovals match the beads in necklace #BW253. Could also be worn with #BW252, especially when the 2 necklaces are combined as a mix and match set. #5085 Large Burnt Wood Square Oval Earrings $16
painted wood necklaceBrown, Beige and Painted Wood Necklace Each painted wood bead has a different design. Matching earrings #5111 #313 Painted Wood Necklace $29
painted wood earringsPainted Wood Earrings Red painted flower designs. Matches necklace #313 #5111 Painted Wood Earrings $14.50
Cord With Wood BeadsCord With Wood Beads Necklace A simple necklace that is easy to wear. The center bead has an interesting pattern in red and black Tip: This necklace is suitable for men’s jewelry. #195 Cord with Wood Beads Necklace $12SOLD
Need jewelry for more formal occasions? Try crystal jewelry. Browse through the many types of handcrafted jewelry in our online jewelry shop. The home page will assist you. Handmade Beaded Jewelry.Org

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