Adjustable Necklace Mix and Match Sets

Mix and Match Necklace Sets
Use these directions with the necklace sets on the jewelry pages. Create an extra long necklace and 2 strand or 3 strand necklaces.

What does the term jewelry set mean to you?
A necklace, earrings, and bracelet, perhaps at a special price?
Our mix and match necklace sets offer much more than that.
We have designed individual necklaces that can be combined as a set. The colors coordinate.
These sets give you versatility and save you money.

Swarovski crystal, green, peachBuy 2 strands. Get at least 4 necklaces.
Buy a third strand. Get at least 10.
Every additional strand gives you more options.
Buy the basic Swarovski necklace plus 2 additional strands for a total of $139.25.
It will cost you less than $13.93 for each Swarovski necklace you can create.
Isn’t that an excellent value?
Read the following directions, and discover the different unique beaded necklaces you can make.
Then click this link to see photos of those unique necklaces.


DIRECTIONS for using Mix and Match Sets:

Click a photo to see a larger picture.

S Hook Clasp
All of the necklaces in a set fasten with an S hook clasp. 
The ends of the necklace are finished with rings which slide onto the hooks. 


Sliding ring into hook When sliding the ring through the gap, turn it so that the smallest thickness of the ring goes through.
If you need to adjust the gap, pull it open slightly by hand.
We have adjusted the gap to allow the ring to fit in with a little pressure. 
Do not open the gap more than necessary, just enough for the ring to go through. Then  pinch it closed again.
When wearing the necklace, the weight of the beads will help hold the rings in place.


2 strand necklaceTwo or more necklaces may be combined into one multi strand necklace.
Slide their rings onto the same S hook.
Use necklaces with a difference in length of at least 3/4 to 1 inch. Large beads need a greater difference than small beads.
A large difference in lengths will give you space between strands.

Twisted NecklaceDo you like the colors of 2 necklaces of same length?
Try twisting the strands before placing the rings on the hook. 




Amethyst NecklacesFor a different look, wear an S hook clasp in front.
You can add a long necklace to give this still another look.




dangling beadsPlace both ends of one necklace on one end of the hook. Place both ends of another necklace on the other end to let it dangle down in front.




PendantYou can also dangle a pendant from the hook.



  Extending a necklaceIs the traditional 18 inch necklace too long for your medium scoop necklines?
Too short for turtlenecks?
To solve this problem, we have designed matching short and medium length necklaces. To make a long necklace, combine them by sliding the end ring of each onto the hook of the other.



Extended Necklace The two hooks look nice when positioned on the sides of this long necklace.
To find out how long the necklace will be, add the lengths given in the description of each necklace.

You can also extend length by combining 2 same size toggle clasps or hook and eye clasps.



10 inch extenderOur 10 inch extender may be used in place of the upper necklace




The same S hook can be used on any of our necklaces that have rings on both ends.
You need 2 hooks to extend length and only 1 for multiple strands.
I keep several styles of S hook for my necklaces and interchange them.
You can purchase optional hooks on the Silver page.

To combine more than 3 strands for a multi strand necklace, you will need one of our large S hooks that are sold separately.

Crazy Lace SetYou can find mix and match sets throughout our online store.
Some sets consist of only 2 or 3 strands. The colors are similar, or the same. But the bead sizes or shapes are different.
The crazy lace agate set is a good example.



A letter at the beginning of an item number designates a particular set.
All items with the same letter have been designed to coordinate.
You can choose your own components from any of our necklaces that use an S clasp.

Create a necklace that will enhance your outfit.

Here is a link to photos of 30 different Swarovski crystal necklaces made from three strands of our adjustable mix and match set.
Coquette 3 choices

Look for mix and match jewelry sets in the categories under Online Jewelry Store or use the jewelry links on the home page HANDMADE BEADED JEWELRY .ORG

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