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Jewellery made from highest quality gems, crystal, hardware and patience - on sale now until it's ALL gone!

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Made in the USA With Beads From Around the World

Donít you feel great when you know you look great? Even when you are staying home, if you walk past a mirror and the image looking back at you looks good, doesnít it give you a little lift?

The right piece of handmade beaded jewelry adds the finishing touch to pull any look together.  Whether you want that look to be casual, formal, classy, conservative, sparkling, or simply outrageous, nothing does it like handmade beaded jewelry!

Exclusive, Unique Jewelry:You Will NEVER find this same jewelry, made from Hand-Picked Beads and Gemstones at any other website or jewelry store!

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Why Are Our Prices So Low on Genuine, Designer Quality Jewelry?

Our unique, yet affordable handmade beaded jewelry uses genuine gemstones, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, glass, wood, fossil, bone, seedbeads, sterling silver, and gold in necklaces, pendants, earrings, or bracelets. However, we save money and lower prices by buying beads directly from the cutters, buying materials on sale, keeping no overhead, selling online, having no staff to pay, and keeping profit low. We don't think of this as a source of income, but rather something we love to do.
~ Nancy
: Primary Jewelry Designer

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As fashion evolves, we constantly create innovations in jewelry design. Even though diamonds are forever, and jewelry is timeless, we always create new jewelry to coordinate with fashion trends.

Browse newest additions and Current Birthstones.

What Should Your Jewelry Collection Include?

Did you ever get dressed and then discover that none of your jewelry looks right with your outfit?

Read about Handmade Beaded Jewelry to Update your Wardrobe.

Jewelry Designed To Be Worn

We design simple beaded necklaces you can wear with many colors for many occasions. It won't just sit in a box looking pretty.

Isn't all jewelry designed to be worn? ...Yes and No. Learn about Jewelry Designed To Be Worn

Matching Colors

Do you have a new outfit?
Looking for beaded jewelry to match?

Here are some tips for finding the right color.

Read about Matching Colors of Jewelry and Clothes.

Video: Beaded Jewelry That Coordinates With Any Color Clothes

Video: Black and White Jewelry That Coordinates with Any Colors

Handmade Beaded Necklace made of Swarovski Crystals

Beaded pearl necklace made of freshwater pearlsAdjustable Necklace Sets...  Did you ever wish your favorite necklace came in a different color? Or a different length? With our Mix and Match jewelry sets, you can get different looks by adjusting the components of one necklace set. Add strands, change colors, or increase the length. We tell you how to do it on our Mix and Match Sets page. We even give you Fashion Tips for wearing your adjustable beaded necklaces.

One of a Kind - Irreplaceable Value!
Many of these beaded necklaces that are one of a kind jewelry, are made from rare beads that are no longer available. In some cases, if the beads are available, you can special order custom handcrafted jewelry. Tell us which gemstones you would like, and we may be willing to Beaded Handmade Jewelry custom design for you.

Research Here... More than just an online jewelry store, we are also an educational resource. Learn interesting and helpful information about beads. Research at the Learn About Beads drop down menu.

The Learn About Beads page gives you millimeter conversion to inches, birthstone charts, and information about the size, shape, colors, and characteristics of the gemstones.


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Need Help?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all your choices of beads, colors and combinations?  To get the most out of your jewelry, look over these helpful resources...

Hand Crafted Freshwater pearl necklace made in America using unique pearls
  • Mix and Match Set Help
    Discover how to make over 5 combinations from 1 necklace set, including stunning multi-strand necklaces!
  • Gift Ideas Help
    Find out which gemstones or beads signify love, your anniversary, birthstones, or make the most versatile gifts.
  • Fashion Tips
    Find out secrets of fashion do's and don'ts when it comes to beaded jewelry and your outfit.
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