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Amethyst Necklaces
Did you know that historically amethyst was supposed to protect the wearer from drunkenness.
February birthstone
Handmade beaded gemstone jewelry with genuine amethyst in shades from light lavender to dark purple.Handcrafted semi precious gemstone necklaces in short and long lengths containing small delicate or large chunky beads. Green amethyst jewelry included. Matching earrings priced separately.
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Amethyst NecklaceAmethyst Necklace amethyst gemstone necklace Beaded jewelry featuring a long necklace of dark purple genuine gemstones. Large chunky beads are the focal points. #614 Long Amethyst Beaded Necklace $40
Chevron Amethyst Necklacechevron amethyst necklace chevron amethyst necklace Little light and dark purple amethyst rondelles with focals and a drop of chevron pattern amethyst. Wear it with light or dark purple clothes. #437 Chevron Amethyst Necklace SOLD
Amethyst Necklace long amethyst necklace Light to medium shades of purple amethyst. A long necklace of small beads.Wear it with casual or dressy clothes. #429 Long Amethyst Necklace $29
Amethyst and Lepidalite Gemstone Necklace Set The color of the lepidalite jewelry is mottled with lavender to purple and gray to white. It is a variety of jasper.The amethyst is dark purple and lavender. The purples do not show well in the photos.
lepidolite and amethyst necklaceAmethyst and Lepidalite Gemstone Necklace #A165 Amethyst and Lepidalite Jasper Necklace $39
amethyst and lepidolite necklace Amethyst and Lepidalite Gemstone Necklace Use with necklace #165 to combine strands or increase length. This necklace has a lot of dark purple. #A161 Amethyst and Lepidalite Necklace $34
Amethyst oval earringsAmethyst Earrings Flower decorated sterling silver kidney wire Matches the amethyst necklace #A161 #5013 Amethyst Oval Earrings sold
Matte Black Onyx Earrings matte black onyx erringsThe matte onyx matches the matte blackstone in necklace #212 #5134 Matte Black Onyx Earrings sold
Matte Amethyst and Brazil Blackstone Necklaceamethyst and blackstone necklace blackstone and matte amethyst necklace Large matte black carved barrels and round beads. Contrasts with unusual translucent matte amethyst. Bali silver highlights. TRULY UNIQUE #212 Blackstone and Matte Amethyst Necklace $40
Ametrine Beaded Necklace ametrine necklace Beautiful necklace handcrafted with ametrine beads, a gemstone that combines amethyst and citrine. Nice quality transparent stones. One of a kind jewelry. #510 Handmade Ametrine Necklace $45
silver with amethyst necklaceAmethyst and Sterling Silver Necklace Length 19 1/2 inches Medium to dark purple faceted amethyst rondelles. A good choice for any season. Small easy to wear handmade necklace. #SS207 Sterling Silver and Amethyst Necklace $45
Faceted Amethyst Rondelle Earrings amethyst earrings Nice quality little amethyst rondelles match necklace #SS207. #5144 Amethyst Rondelle Earrings sold
Fluorite Amethyst Necklace fluorite and amethyst necklace Unique February birthstone jewelry. Large dark amethyst nuggets and small rounds contrast with light multi color fluorite beads. Genuine semi precious gemstones in a long necklace. #582 Handmade Fluorite and Amethyst Necklace $49
Matte and Banded Amethyst Necklace matte and banded amethyst necklace Banded natural amethyst ranges from white to dark purple. Wear with any shade of pure purple or white. It will brighten your outfit. one of a kind necklace #1029 Matte and Banded Amethyst Necklace $85
silver with light and dark amethyst necklaceSilver with Light and Dark Amethyst Necklace Beautiful faceted royal purple amethyst framed by faceted light amethyst and sterling silver tubes. Sterling silver toggle clasp #1016 Light and Dark Amethyst with Silver Necklace $50
handmade green amethyst necklaceGreen Amethyst Necklacegreen amethyst necklace A high quality pale green amethyst pendant hangs from a green amethyst rondelle necklace. Colors are very light and clear without a lot of inclusions. Wear it with alomost any color clothes. Outstanding with navy blue. #396 Green Amethyst Necklace $75
Green Amethyst Earrings green amethyst earrings large photo, more info Drops shaped like a 3 sided pyramid. Match necklace #396. #5205 Green Amethyst Earrings $19.50
Handmade Green Amethyst Necklace handmade green amethyst necklace Large smooth nuggets of light green amethyst interspersed in a clear quartz beaded necklace. Dark green aventurine faceted rondelles add contrast. Appropriate for either dressy or casual occasions. #462 Green Amethyst Gemstone Necklace $45
handmade amethyst and pink flower necklaceAmethyst and Lamp Glass Necklace Pink seed beads match the pink flowers in the lamp glass beads. #314 Amethyst and Lamp Glass Necklace $30
Amethyst is a variety of quartz. Its color comes from traces of iron. It can be banded. When the bands are in a V shape it is called chevron amethyst. Heat treating can turn amethyst yellow. Amethyst has been used for jewelry for many centuries. It was worn by royalty as well as clergy. The highest quality has been referred to as bishops grade.
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