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Unique handmade pearl jewelry including cultured freshwater pearl jewelry and mother of pearl jewelry. Necklaces that combine pearls and crystal or gemstones are listed here as handmade pearl jewelry if they primarily consist of pearls. Matching pearl earrings are priced separately. Pearl information about freshwater cultured pearls and mother of pearl can be found under Learn About Beads in the Gemstone list. Look in the drop down menu at the top of this page.
June birthstone jewelry
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pearl mix and match jewelry setUnique White Pearl Mix and Match Jewelry Set Featuring beautiful faceted gemstones combined with cultured white freshwater pearls. What is a Mix and Match Set? Versatile handmade pearl jewelry that allows you to combine different length necklaces to make a 2 strand necklace, 3 strand necklace, or more. Combine two 16 inch necklaces to make an extra long pearl necklace. Look at the directions. Necklaces priced separately. Buy 1 or as many as you want.
Quartz Rock Crystal and White Pearl Necklace rock crystal and pearl necklace Length 16 3/4 inches Combine this versatile necklace with any of the others in the handmade pearl jewelry set. Use it to extend length. Wear it as a second strand. #TP1001 Crystal and Pearl Necklace SOLD
Tanzanite and White Pearl Necklace tanzanite and pearl necklace Length 20 1/2 inches Gorgeous lavendar blue faceted tanzanite contrasted with cultured white pearls. Looks great with purple clothes. #TP1002 Pearl and Tanzanite Necklace $50
Iolite and White Pearl Necklace iolite and pearl necklace Length 19inches Bright light blue shade of iolite. Combine it with the tanzanite and citrine necklaces. Wear it with any pure blue. #TP1003 Pearl and Gemstone Iolite Necklace $39
Citrine and White Pearl Necklace citrine and pearl necklace Length 22 inches. The yellow color of citrine can be worn with almost any color; Combine it with any necklace in this set. #TP1004 Pearl and Citrine Necklace SOLD
Peridot and White Pearl Necklace peridot and pearl necklace Length 19 inches. Lime green peridot is stunning with fall earth tone clothes or summer pastels. Beautiful combined with the citrine and tanzanite necklaces. #TP1005 Pearl and Peridot Necklace $39
Garnet and White Pearl Necklace garnet and pearl necklace Length 24 inches This sparkling dark red does not look black like some garnets. #TP1006 Pearl and Garnet Necklace $39
Rock Crystal and White Pearl Earrings rock crystal and pearl earrings Matches the Mix and Match Pearl Set or any other white pearl necklace. #4001 Crystal and Pearl Earrings $15
Handmade Beaded Pearl and Birthstone Necklace gemstone and pearl necklace Click here for a large photo, more info This long handmade beaded necklace contains many birthstones, plus other colorful gemstones. Wear the beautiful toggle clasp at the side to show a different combination of colors. Perfect for a birthstone gift. Historical information tells us that people collected all the birthstones and wore each one during its assigned month. Read more #499 Handmade Pearl and Multicolor Gemstone Necklace $60
Handmade Pearl and Ruby Necklace pearl and ruby necklace Tiny white freshwater pearls with genuine ruby teardrops. A unique handcrafted necklace that you will not see in any store. Affordably priced. #391 Pearl and Ruby Necklace $95
Large Pearl Necklacehandmade large white pearl necklace handmade large pearl necklace This unique necklace includes little bright blue lapis lazuli gemstones and gold daisy spacers. Wear it with blue clothes to highlight the lapis. June birthstone jewelry. #376 Handmade Beaded Pearl Necklace $52
Pink and White Pearl Necklace pink and white pearl necklace Tiny 2.5 mm white cultured freshwater pearls are unique spacers between pink freshwater pearls. Classic, yet unusual handmade pearl jewelry. #210 Pink Pearl Necklace $39
pink pearl earringsPink Pearl Earrings Matches necklace #210 also available as clip on earrings #5079 Pink Pearl earrings $16
Handmade Beaded Blue Pearl Necklace blue pearl necklace This handmade pearl jewelry features 3 shades of aqua blue beads. Medium and light aqua cultured freshwater pearls in 2 shapes with little dark aqua glass spacers. #487 Blue Freshwater Pearl Necklace $35
Handmade Beaded Green Pearl Necklace green pearl necklace This handmade pearl jewelry consists of cultured freshwater pearls. The necklace design features medium green pearls with dark green Czech glass beads. This is pure green, not olive or lime. #486 Green Freshwater Pearl Necklace $44
Dark Red Shell Pearl Necklace red shell pearl necklace A unique pearl necklace with three sizes of matching bright dark red shell pearls. Wear this beaded necklace with contrasting color clothes instead of trying to match the red perfectly. #466 Handmade Dark Red Shell Pearl Necklace SOLD
Handcafted White Mother of Pearl Necklace Natural mother of pearl necklace Unique necklace handmade using various shapes of flat mother of pearl beads. Wear it with any color for any occasion. #562 Natural White Mother Of Pearl Necklace SOLD
Brown Mother of Pearl NecklaceGolden Brown Mother of Pearl Necklace This stunning necklace uses large coin shape beads in shimmering mother of pearl. Wear it with all your earth tone clothes Tip: Use the matching bracelet to extend the length of the necklace. #152 Brown mother of pearl necklace $29
Mother of Pearl Necklace long mother of pearl necklace
brown mother of pearl braceletGolden Brown Mother of Pearl Bracelet Length 7 1/2 inches Gold plated lobster clasp Matches MOP152 necklace #2000 Brown mother of pearl bracelet $26.25SOLD
Brown Mother of Pearl EarringsGolden Brown Mother of Pearl Earrings Matches MOP152 necklace #5014 Brown mother of pearl drop earrings $17
Handmade Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Necklace White freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal necklace White freshwater pearls combined with Swarovski crystal beads. Accented with Bali silver beads. Use it for bridal or bridesmaids’ jewelry. Any Swarovski color can be substituted for all or part of the crystal beads. Look at the color chart. #272 Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Necklace sold
Pearl and Obsidian NecklaceBlue and Green Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Mahogany Obsidian Necklace Matches the Obsidian Necklace OB147. You can use it to extend the length of this necklace. The pearl colors are pure light green and light blue, not lime or aqua. This necklace is suitable for casual as well as dressy occasions. #OB146 Handmade Colored Pearl Necklace $34
Red and Grey Freshwater Pearl NecklaceRed and Gray Twist Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklaces Wear these colors with soft pink or neutral colors. Tip: Twist the 2 strands of pearls as many times as needed before fastening the clasp. #179 Dark Red and Grey Freshwater Pearl Necklace $35
Purple Crystal and White Pearl NecklaceWhite Freshwater Pearl and Purple Crystal Necklace Glittering dark crystal contrasts with the white pearl. Wear this white handmade pearl jewelry with almost any color. I like it best with lavender. #FWP196 Purple Crystal and Pearl Necklace$45
Purple Crystal and Pearl EarringsWhite Cultured Freshwater Pearl Earrings with Purple Crystals Matches pearl necklace #FWP196 #5054 Purple Crystal and White Freshwater Pearl Earrings $17
Classic Pearl and Gold Necklace – 18 inches Classic pearl necklace-18 A basic necessity for any jewelry collection. A sophisticated look for the bride. #PC270 Classic Pearl Necklace $36
Green Pearl and Nephrite Jade Gemstone Necklace green nephrite jade and pearl necklace Handmade beaded jewelry combining light green pearls and green nephrite jade oval beads. Czech faceted crystal beads complete this unique necklace design. These greens are olive type shades. Looks great with gold or tan clothes. #433 Beaded Green Jade and Pearl Necklace $60
Handcafted Natural Mother of Pearl Necklace Natural mother of pearl coin necklace Hand picked coin beads have natural peach spots on one side with creamy white on the other side. Rotate individual beads to get the look you want. #271 Natural Mother of Pearl Necklace SOLD
Coquette with pearls
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