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Our glass bead jewelry includes various types of lampwork beads. Our glass bead necklaces use beads, such as millefiori, that are different from anything you can find in gemstones or natural beads. This handmade beaded jewelry may contain some gemstones, but it will consist primarily of glass beads.
The matching glass bead bracelets, as well as the glass dangle earrings are included here.
Priced separately.
Looking for heart jewelry? Lampwork glass heart jewelry is listed here. Crystal heart jewelry is listed under Swarovski.
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Aqua Lamp Glass and Seed Bead Necklace Aqua Lamp Glass and Seed Bead Necklace
The aqua lamp glass ovals have pink flowers. There are 3 strands of seed beads connecting the ovals and cubes.
Tip: the seed beads add a little glitter. This combination of aqua and light blue allows the necklace to be worn with either light blue or aqua clothes.
#101 Aqua lampwork glass and seed beads necklace $46
Other seed bead jewelry can be found on the Seed Beads Jewelry page. Look for it in the drop down menu under our online jewelry store, or visit our Handmade Beaded Jewelry .Org home page.
lampwork glass and gemstone necklaceHandmade Pink and Green Gemstone Necklace with Lampwork Glass Beads Pink and light green lampwork glass beads are focal points in a rosy pink and pure light green gemstone necklace.
Perfect to wear with any shade of pure green clothes.
Length: 18 1/4 inches
Use the matching bracelet to extend the length to 26 inches.
#323 New Jade and Cherry Quartz Beaded Gemstone Necklace $35
lampwork glass and gemstone braceletCherry Quartz and New Jade Beaded Bracelet with Lampwork Glass
Light green vine design in pink lampwork glass beads with the colors repeated by rosy pink cherry quartz and light green new jade gemstone beads.
Use it to extend the length of the matching necklace #323
Length: 8 inches.
#2016 Pink and Green Handmade Gemstone Bracelet $21
lampwork glass earringsPink and Light Green Lampwork Glass Earrings
Rosy pink lamp work glass beads with a light green vine design.
Drop earrings
Match #323 necklace and #2016 bracelet.
#5131 Handmade Pink and Green Lamp Work Glass Bead Earrings $16
Black Millefiori Necklace Black Millefiori Necklace
There are tiny multicolor flowers in the black glass.
Wear this colorful handmade beaded jewelry with any plain color top.
Tip: Use the clasp to wrap the necklace around your neck for a 2 strand.
#130 Black millefiori glass necklace $34
Black Millefiori EarringsBlack Millefiori Earrings
The coin millefiori bead is 10mm.
Matches necklace #130.
#5020 Black Millefiori Earrings $17
Multicolor millefiori necklaceMulticolor Millefiori Glass Bead Necklace 
The clear glass has bright primary color tiny flowers.
Tip: The bright colors stand out on almost any plain color fabric.
Use the clasp to wrap it around your neck twice. You can combine this necklace with the black millefiori one by placing the bar of one into the ring of the other clasp.
#131 Multicolor Millefiori Necklace $24SOLD Contact us for similar.

Multicolor Millefiori Necklace 

Multicolor Millefiori EarringsMulticolor Millefiori Glass Earrings
The oval bead is 14mm.
Gold plated hook
Matches necklace #131
#5019 Multicolor Millefiori Earrings $17

multi color glass and white gemstone necklaceMulticolor Millefiori Glass and White Gemstone Necklace
This 2 strand necklace can be twisted or not.
Matching earrings #5019
#307 Multicolor Millefiori Necklace $38
2 strand light blue glass and lamp glass necklaceLight Blue Millefiori Two Strand Glass Necklace
Rose flowers highlight the larger lampwork glass beads.
Matching earrings #5017
#315 Lampwork Glass and Millefiori 2 Strand Necklace $31
Light blue millefiori necklaceLight Blue Millefiori Glass Bead Necklace
One of a kind. Similar available.
Tiny pure light blue flowers in clear glass.
Use the clasp to wrap around your neck twice for a 2 strand necklace.
#132 Light blue millefiori necklace $34
Coquette not done
Light Blue Millefiori Earrings

Light Blue Millefiori Earrings 
The millefiori coin beads are 10mm.
Sterling silver kidney hook
Matches necklace #132
#5017 Light Blue Milliefiori Glass Earrings $15

Square Flower Glass Earrings Square Flower Glass Bead Earrings
One of a kind.
The glass squares are 10mm.
Sterling silver kidney wire hook
Matches necklace #291
#5025 Square Flower Lampwork Bead Earrings $16
Orange Glass NecklaceOrange Flower Glass Beaded Necklace
Lamp work glass beads with white and reddish orange flowers are combined with bright red orange cat’s eye glass beads. A bright accent for summer clothes and suitable for any occasion.
Length: 16 inches
One of a kind.
#291 Orange and White Glass Bead Necklace $30
Dark Red Glass Heart EarringsDark Red Glass Heart Earrings 
One of a kind.
1/2 inch dark red foil lined lamp glass hearts
Length from top of silver hook 1 1/4 inch
Matches necklace #157
#5033 Lampwork Glass Heart Earrings $16
Dark Red Heart Glass BraceletDark Red Heart Glass Bracelet
One of a kind
Length 7 3/4 inches
!/2 inch dark red foil lined glass heart beads, rock crystal quartz beads
Lobster clasp
Matches necklace #157
#2001 Red Heart Glass Bracelet $27.50
Pink Floral Glass NecklacePink Floral Glass Bead Necklace 
One of a kind
The lampwork glass beads have pink flowers and green leaves. Their colors are repeated by rosy rubellite, light pink rose quartz, and green crystal beads. The flower theme is continued with the clasp. Wear this decorative clasp in front or on the side.
#123 Handmade Pink Floral Glass Necklace $37
Pink Floral Glass EarringsPink Floral Glass Earrings
One of a kind
Consists of: Pink flower glass barrels, olive faceted crystal 6mm rondelles.
Hook: sterling silver kidney wire with small flower design.
Length from top of hook is 1 1/4 inch.
Matches Pink floral glass necklace #123
#5053 Pink Floral Glass Earrings $16
blue lamp glass and white gemstone necklaceBlue Glass and White Gemstone Necklace
Dark and light blue bands in medium blue beads.
Matching earrings #5109
#308 Gemstone and Blue Glass Necklace $33
blue lamp glass earringsBlue Glass Earrings
Medium blue banded glass.
Matches necklace #308
Can be ordered as clip on.
#5109 Medium Blue Glass Earrings $14
Blue flowered glass earringsBlue Lamp Glass with Flower Earrings

#5112 Blue Flower Glass Earrings $14
handmade red millefiori and fossil necklaceRed Millefiori Necklace
Red and gold glass ovals with tiny flowers, framed by off white natural fossil, connected by square tubes of red millefiori glass.
Appropriate any time of the year.
#309 Red Millefiori Glass Bead Necklace $29
Red millefiori and fossil necklaceRed Millefiori and Fossil Bracelet
Matches necklace #309 and can be combined to extend length.
#2010 Red Millefiori Bracelet $26
handcrafted red millefiori and fossil earringsRed Millefiori and Fossil Earrings
Matches necklace #309
#5110 Red Millefiori Earrings $12.50
red millefiori coin earringsRed Millefiori Glass Earrings
Red glass coin shaped beads with tiny flowers
Matches red millefiori glass necklaces.
#5108 Red Glass Beaded Earrings $15
coquette with bookmark
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