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Birthstone Jewelry
Assigning gemstones to months as birthstones began in 18th century Poland.  The stone was stronger during its assigned month, especially for a person born in that month. Lists of birthstones have changed over time and from one country to another.

The modern U.S. list is essentially the same as the one approved by the National Association of Jewelers in Aug. 1912 at a meeting in Kansas City.

Birthstones Chart
Month Birthstone Gemstones Birthstone Colors Symbol of…
January Birthstone garnet dark red fidelity
February Birthstone amethyst purple sobriety
March Birthstone aquamarine, bloodstone aqua, green elegance
April Birthstone diamond crystal invincibility
May Birthstone emerald dark green joyousness
June Birthstone pearl, moonstone white good luck for lovers
July Birthstone ruby red pride
August Birthstone peridot lime green friendship
September Birthstone sapphire dark blue loyalty
October Birthstone opal, tourmaline multi fidelity, religious
November Birthstone topaz, citrine golden yellow cheerfulness
December Birthstone turquoise, zircon, tanzanite turquoise, blue love, luck

So where do you get birthstone jewelry with these stones?
Most of these birthstones are available as beaded gemstone jewelry.  Look for them on the GEMSTONE JEWELRY pages.  More combination necklaces of gemstones with silver or gold can be found on the SILVER AND GOLD JEWELRY page.  Look on the PEARL JEWELRY page to find necklaces with gemstones strung elegantly between pearls.
Read about how to save money when buying birthstone jewelry.
For current month birthstone jewelry suggestions, visit Birthstone Jewelry
Read about the Importance of Color in Birthstones

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Swarovski Birthstone Colors
Month Crystal Color
January Birthstone garnet
February Birthstone amethyst
March Birthstone aquamarine
April Birthstone crystal
May Birthstone emerald
June Birthstone light amethyst, white pearl
July Birthstone ruby
August Birthstone peridot
September Birthstone sapphire
October Birthstone light rose, white opal
November Birthstone topaz
December Birthstone turquoise, blue zircon
View these Swarovski colors in the color chart on the Swarovski Crystal Beads page.
Look for jewelry using these colors on the SWAROVSKI JEWELRY page

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Put this old lady to work and custom order birthstone jewelry.

coquette with bookmark 

List of Gemstones for Anniversaries
Years Gift Years Gift Years Gift
1 gold jewelry 9 lapis lazuli 25 silver (jubilee)
2 garnet  10 diamond jewelry  30 pearl (jubilee)
3 pearl    11 turquoise  35 emerald 
4 blue topaz 12 jade  40 ruby 
5 sapphire 13 citrine  45 sapphire 
6 amethyst   14 opal  50 golden (jubilee)
7 onyx 15 ruby 55 alexandrite 
8 tourmaline 20 emerald  60 diamond (jubilee)
Find many of these genuine gemstones on the GEMSTONE JEWELRY page or the
Choose Swrovski Crystal Jewelry in these gemstone colors.
Look at the SWAROVSKI JEWELRY or look at the COLOR CHART

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Ancient Zodiac Chart
According to astrological beliefs, heavenly bodies have influence over people.  These beliefs dating back to ancient times, state that the power is greater when wearing the gemstone assigned to the planet, especially for a person born under its influence.

Zodiac Gemstones Birth Chart
Sign Birthday Gemstone Meaning
Aquarious Jan 21 – Feb 21 garnet guarantees true friendship
Pisces Feb 21 – Mar 21 amethyst protects from extremes of passion
Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20 bloodstone wisdom
Taurus Apr 20 – May 21 sapphire nobility, virtue, justice, loyalty, protects from mental disorders
Gemini May 21 – June 21 agate long life, health and wealth
Cancer June 21 – July 22 emerald eternal joy
Leo July 22 – Aug 22 onyx protects from loneliness and unhappiness
Virgo Aug 22 – Sep 22 carnelian guarantees success
Libra Sep 22 – Oct 23 crysolite frees from an evil spell
Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21 beryl protects from tears of sad repentance
Sagittarious Nov 21- Dec 21 topaz cheerfulness
Capricorn Dec 21 – Jan 21 ruby will never know trouble
Stones were also assigned to guardian angels. Wearing the gemstone was supposed to attract the influence of that angel.

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Coquette zodiac

Your gift will have more impact when you present meaning behind it. Color was used to differentiate gemstones before modern testing techniques made identification of gemstones precise. All stones of the same color were given these attributes:

Ancient and Recent Beliefs Associated with Gifts
Color If Worn By Men If Worn By Women
yellow Secrecy (appropriate for a silent lover) Generosity
Purity, friendship, integrity Contemplation, religious commitment
red Command, nobility, lordship, vengeance Pride, haughtiness, obstinacy
blue Wisdom, high magnanimous thoughts Jealousy in love, politeness, vigilance
green Joyousness, transitory hope, decline of friendship Unfounded ambition, childish delight, change
black Gravity, good sense, constancy Unmarried: fickleness, foolishness
married: constant love, perseverance
violet Sober judgment, industry, gravity High thoughts, spiritual love
Historically, there have been gemstones assigned to many things, including days of the week, hours of the day, countries, U.S. states, cities, for magicians to wear when performing.  Other meanings and historical information can be found for the individual stones in the Gemstone List.
Click a color link to see Gemstone Jewelry in that color.

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Interpretation of Dreams
An interesting list is in a book on ancient lore by George Kunz. It interpreted dreams.

Significance of Gemstones in Dreams
Dreaming of: Signified:   Dreaming of: Signified:
agates a journey   hyacinths heavy storm
amber a voyage jacinth success
amethyst freedom from harm jasper love returned
aquamarine new friend jet sorrow
beryls happiness in store lapis lazuli faithful love
bloodstone distressing news moonstone impending danger
carnelian impending misfortune moss agate an unsuccessful journey
cat’s eye treachery onyx a happy marriage
chalcedony friends rejoined opal great possessions
chrysoberyl a time of need pearl faithful friends
chrysolites necessary caution ruby unexpected guests
coral recovery from illness sapphire escape from danger
crystal freedom from enemies sardonyx love of friends
diamond victory over enemies topaz no harm shall befall
emerald much to look forward to tourmaline an accident
garnet solution of a mystery turquoiuse prosperity
heliotrope long life    
Gemstones must have played an important part in a person’s life in order to dream of some of these stones and remember the dream.

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