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Handmade Beaded Gemstone Jewelry
Would you like something better than the imported imitation gemstone beads that you find in many stores? We use genuine gemstones beads for our personally handcrafted gemstone jewelry. Many of our designs incorporate small gemstones as spacers rather than glass or metal.


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Our wide variety of beaded necklaces gives you a choice suitable for many styles and occasions. Whether you are a teenager who wears the latest junior styles, a young adult who wants some sparkle for evenings out, a career woman who needs more conservative styles, or a senior who wants affordable classic styles, our unique affordable gemstone jewelry can fill your needs
Click on a small photo to see a larger picture and additional information. Because gemstones are not identical, colors and patterns may be slightly different from the photo.

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Amber Jewelry

Amber Necklaces
Did you know that amber can acquire an electrical charge when rubbed.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Yellow and White Amber Necklace
yellow amber necklace

This handmade gemstone necklace is the color of spring daffodils. Bright yellow and creamy white amber beads are cheerful. Large beads that are light weight. Wear it with almost any color clothes.
#480 Handmade Yellow Amber Necklace $29 SOLD
Beaded Amber Necklace
handmade amber necklace

Large barrel beads in light yellow and dark amber colors in a beaded necklace of dark amber chips.The dark veining in the yellow beads matches the dark amber chips.
Very light weight and comfortable to wear.
#456 Dark and Light Amber Necklace $36
Antique Bone and Amber NecklaceAntique Bone and Amber Necklace
Antique refers to the color of the bone, not the age.
This amber jewelry is a medium color amber with tan bone.
Very light weight and easy to wear. A real TREAT.
#164 Amber Chip and Antique Bone Necklace $32

Antique bone earringsAntique Bone Earrings
Matches #164 necklace
also available as clip on earrings
#5036 Antique Bone Earrings $15

Amber Beaded Necklace
Amber necklace

Large dark amber barrel shaped beads interspersed in a handmade necklace of amber chips. Colors range from golden yellow to dark reddish brown.
A very light weight long beaded necklace.
Wear it with rust, brown, or golden yellow color clothes.
#1041 Amber Handmade Beaded Necklace $32

Amber Earrings
dark amber earrings

Handmade drop earrings with large dark amber ovals and chips.
Match amber necklaces #1041 and #456
#4003 Amber Beaded Earrings $22
Coquette with bookmark
Amber is considered an organic or natural gemstone because it was produced by biological processes. It is the fossilized resin of trees that dried more than 40 million years ago. It was popular with ancient people because it was light weight and soft enough to shape with primitive tools. Amber can contain insects that were trapped and fossilized with the resin.
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Lapis Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli Necklaces
Did you know that tiny inclusions of pyrite make gold looking specks in lapis.
Handmade beaded gemstone jewelry using genuine lapis lazuli beads.
Lapis is also used as small spacers in a few of our other beaded gemstone necklaces.
Matching earrings are priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Lapis Lazuli Necklacelapis beaded necklace
handmade lapis lazuli necklace

Medium to dark blue with many specks of gold repeated with gold spacers. Perfect to wear with almost any shade of blue.
#413 Lapis Lazuli Necklace $42

Handmade Beaded Lapis Lazuli Earrings
lapis handcrafted earrings

Dark blue drop earrings with genuine lapis gemstone beads dangling from a gold hook.
Match lapis gemstone necklace #413.
#5207 Handcrafted Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Earrings $16

Copper Chain and Lapis Gemstone Necklace copper and lapis necklace
Medium blue lapis lazuli gemstone beads on a copper chain. Large lampwork glass pendant with matching copper and blue colors. A unique handmade necklace that will attract attention.
Remove the pendant for a different look.
#521 Handmade Lapis Necklace $36.00

Handmade White Quartz and Lapis Lazuli Necklace
handmade white quartz with pyrite gemstone necklace

Large beads of grayish white quartz and dark blue lapis with pyrite inclusions.
An extra long necklace that can be worn to the office or for casual occasions.
#1043 Lapis Lazuli and Quartz with Pyrite Gemstone Necklace $39SOLD

Lapis lazuli has a long history. Carved objects and jewelry have been found in many parts of northern Africa, Europe and Asia. Beads have been found dating from 3100 BC. The pigment ultramarine was made from ground lapis lazili for many years until it was replaced by a synthetic. The trade considers the best quality to be a pure bright dark blue. Lighter blue varieties also make beautiful beads.
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Carnelian Jewelry

Carnelian Necklaces
Did you know that freshly mined carnelian could be heated by the sun to change brown color to red.
Beaded gemstone jewelry with handmade necklaces using genuine carnelian gemstone beads. Colors range from light orange to a dark burnt orange including banded beads. Necklace lengths include long and choker with small or chunky large gemstones.
Matching earrings priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Carnelian, Pearl and Jasper Beaded Necklace
handmade carnelian necklace

This handcrafted beaded jewelry combines orange carnelian and yellow jasper gemstones with lime green pearls. A bright colored long necklace to complement your favorite new outfit.
#513 Carnelian, Pearl and Jasper Handmade Beaded Necklace $32

Striped Carnelian Necklace with Pendantcarnelian necklace with pendantcarnelian necklace with pendant
Rusty orange and creamy white stripes make a striking fall necklace
#1012 Striped Carnelian Necklace with Pendant $37

Dark Carnelian Necklace with Pendant
handmade carnelian necklace with pendant

Dark reddish orange carnelian necklace with a shaded orange carnelian pendant. Looks good with brown, beige, and rust clothes.
#414 Dark Carnelian Necklace with Pendant $33SOLD

Handcrafted Carnelian and Gold Necklacecarnelian necklace
faceted carnelian necklaceFaceted orange carnelian sparkles on a simple gold beaded necklace. Perfect to wear with a burnt orange color or many other basic colors.
#340 Carnelian and Gold Necklace $47
Faceted Carnelian and Gold Earrings
faceted carnelian earringsRound carnelian beads match necklace #340
#5151 Carnelian and Gold Earrings $17
Banded Carnelian and Red Aventurine Necklace
carnelian and red aventurine necklaceStriped carnelian carved into unique diamond topped barrel beads.The colors in the stripes are repeated with dark carnelian beads and red aventurine beads.
#CA267 Carnelian and Aventurine Necklace $35

Carnelian Mix and Match Set
carnelian jewelry set
Striped carnelian is joined by many shades of rust and orange in this necklace set. Each necklace is striking by itself. Really eye catching when you combine them for a 2 strand necklace. Look at Mix and Match directions for more ideas.

Carnelian Barrel and Chip Necklace
carnelian barrel and chip necklace
Striped and dark carnelian barrels divide segments of chips in natural colors from white to dark rust.
#CA268 Carnelian Barrel and Chip Necklace $35

carnelian small chandelier earringsCarnelian and Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings
Matches any carnelian necklace
#5063 Carnelian Chandelier Earrings $25
Brown Fossil Necklace with Extra Large Striped Carnelian Coinscarnelian necklace with large pendant
extra large carnelian coin necklaceLarge banded carnelian coin beads are the focal points in this rusty brown fossil and multi agate necklace.
#CA266 Fossil and Carnelian Coin Necklace $35

handmade carnelian and gold bead necklaceHandmade Gold and Carnelian Beaded Necklace
Little carnelian gemstone faceted rondelles sparkle in a gold twisted tube necklace.
#G231 Gold and Carnelian Necklace $44

Carnelian and Tiger Eye NecklaceCarnelian and Red Tiger Eye Necklace
This red tiger eye gemstone is actually more brown than red. The faceted carnelian is natural, not dyed, and has an orange color range from light nearly yellow to a dark rust.
I like this unique necklace with rusty orange clothes.
#150 Carnelian and Red Tiger Eye Necklace $36

Carnelian and Red Tiger Eye Necklace
Carnelian earringsFaceted Carnelian Earrings
Matches carnelian necklace #150
#5010 Carnelian Gemstone Earrings $16

Rust Carnelian PendantDark Rust Carnelian Pendant
Wear this gemstone pendant with any necklace that uses an S hook clasp.
The poppy and red jasper necklace #PJ149 is a good match. You can also wear it with any carnelian jewelry.
#151 Carnelian Pendant $9

Carnelian Pendant
Carnelian is a reddish orange to dark red variety of chalcedony. It can be banded, and is then given the trade name carnelian agate, natural agate, natural carnelian, or erroneously sardonyx. Sardonyx is actually banded sard and white chalcedony. Until the Middle Ages, carnelian and sard were both called sardion. Carnelian is usually enhanced to improve the color.
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Apatite Jewelry

Apatite Necklaces
Did you know that apatite is the name of simple phosphate minerals. One is the source of phorphorous used to make matches.
This beaded jewelry is handcrafted using genuine apatite gemstones.
Matching gemstone earrings are priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.

Handcrafted Apatite Gemstone Necklacehandmade apatite gemstone necklace

teal apatite necklace Beautiful translucent teal blue contrasts with bright sterling silver.The larger round silver beads have patterns cut into them. Perfect with light color clothes.
#344 Teal Apatite and Silver Necklace $43

Teal Apatite Earrings
teal apatite earringsDark apatite ovals in these drop earrings match necklace #344.
#5161 Teal Apatite Earrings $16
silver with apatite necklaceApatite and Sterling Silver Necklace
Length 17 1/2 inches
These dark teal blue beads are excellent quality apatite. Wear this small handmade necklace with your favorite neutral color clothes.
#SS208 Sterling Silver and Apatite Necklace $45
The color of apatite can be white, yellow, green, red, or purple. But blue is the most common used for beaded apatite jewelry. From a light aqua blue to a dark teal blue, all are beautiful colors. Because it is not as hard and often more brittle than other similar colored stones, it is not as often used for faceted stones set in gold.
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Rhodochrosite Jewelry

Rhodochrosite Necklaces
Did you know that the name rhodochrosite is from a Greek word meaning of a rosy color, yet it also occurs in brown or gray.
Genuine handmade beaded gemstone jewelry. Rhosochrosite in beautiful pink varieties, sometimes combined with other genuine gemstones
Matching handmade earrings priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Rhodochrosite and Rock Crystal Necklace
pink rhosochrosite necklace

Mostly soft pink rhodochrosite with very little banding.
Wear it with darker rose or wine or many pastel color clothes. Nice with navy or black.
#1035 Rhodochrosite and Rock Crystal Necklace $50SOLD

Rhodochrosite Choker Necklace
rhodocrosite choker
Beautiful soft pinks in a dainty choker length. Banded shades of rose to pink with white and gray matrix.
#RO1023 Rhodocrosite Choker Necklace $37
handmade  beaded rhochrosite necklaceRhodochrosite Tube and Round Beaded Necklace
Nice bands of rose, pink, gray and white. More valuable than some of the other gemstones commonly used for beading.
#301 Rhodochrosite Tube Necklace $46

rhodocrosite gemstone earringsHandmade Beaded Rhodochrosite Earrings
Pink with bands of rose, gray and white
Matches the rhodochrosite semi precious gemstone necklaces.
#5107 Rhodochrosite Earrings $15

There are two forms of rhodochrosite. The highest gem quality occurs in chrystal form It is transparent. The more common form is stalactitic rock. It is the opaque banded rose, white, and gray used in most jewelry.
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Jasper Jewelry

Jasper Necklaces
Did you know that jasper has more than 100 named varieties. Most are trade names given by sellers.
Beaded gemstone jewelry. The handmade necklaces contain genuine jasper gemstones in a variety of colors and sizes. The jewelry is listed here if the content is primarily jasper. Other gemstone beads may be included in the designs. Jasper is occasionally used as a secondary gemstone in our other jewelry. Matching handmade gemstone earrings are priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Yellow Jasper Beaded Necklace yellow jasper beaded gemstone necklace Colorful handcrafted necklace with golden yellow jasper chips. Blue, lime green and orange/gray gemstone beads add interest. #524 Long Yellow Jasper Gemstone Necklace $35
Black Water Jasper and Blue Gemstone Necklace black water jasper beaded gemstone necklace Combination of blue crazy lace agate, black water jasper, black onyx and hematite in a long necklace. Genuine gemstone beads in a unique design. #495 Handmade Jasper, Blue Agate and Onyx Necklace $33SOLD
Poppy and Red Jasper NecklacePoppy and Red Jasper Necklace Two shades of red are in this beaded gemstone necklace. Red jasperis a brick red, and the poppy jasper is a dark brownish red. Wear this popular dark earthy red with almost any of your earth tone outfits. #PJ149 Poppy and Red Jasper Necklace $32
Poppy jasper earringsPoppy Jasper Gemstone Earrings Matches the poppy jasper necklace #PJ149 also available as clip on earrings #PJ5004 Poppy Jasper Earrings $15

Combines Sesame Jasper with Leopard-skin Jasper and Coral

Sesame Jasper Mix and Match Set. Directions for adjusting length or combining strands are on the Mix and Match Sets page.

Basic Sesame Jasper and Coral NecklaceBasic Sesame Jasper and Coral Necklace Coral, off white, dark earth tones in this coral jewelry Wear these colors with many dark or light earth tones. I like it with browns or off white. #SJ181 Sesame Jasper and Coral Basic Necklace $38
Coral and Sesame Jasper NecklaceCoral and Sesame Jasper Gemstone Necklace Coral, off white, dark earth tones #SJ182 Coral and Sesame Jasper Necklace $39
Jasper and coral earringsSesame Jasper and Coral Earringsjasper handmade gemstone necklace Matches sesame jasper mix and match set #5049 Coral and Sesame Jasper Earrings $16
Painted Desert Jasper Necklacejasper beaded gemstone necklace painted jasper necklace Beautiful patterns of brown, black, and orange in an off white background. Bright orange carnelian and black beads emphasize the jasper colors. Looks especially nice with orange or black clothes. #342 Painted Desert Jasper Necklace SOLD
Beaded Black Mudline and Carnelian Earrings black and carnelian earrings The same beads as in the necklace #342 #5153 Carnelian and Black Mudline Earrings $15
Unique Ocean Jasper Gemstone Necklace ocean jasper necklace Large beads in a variety of shapes and colors. No two are exactly alike. Wear it with basic colors or match any of the gemstone colors. #343 Ocean Jasper Necklace $35
Red Impression Jasper Gemstone Necklace red impression jasper beaded gemstone necklace This handmade gemstone jewelry features dark red jasper contrasted with beige alabaster gemstone beads and carved horn beads. More conservative than most bright red jewelry. Can be worn with casual clothes. #502 Red Impression Jasper Handmade Necklace $38
Moukaite NecklaceMoukaite (Mookite) Jasper Necklace The attractive characteristic of this necklace is the wide variety of colors in the beads, including gold, mauve, rust, brown, olive and gray. Colors are not bright and blend well with earth tones. From a distance golds stand out. #129 Moukaite Necklace $29
Sediment and Peridot Jasper NecklaceSediment and Peridot Jasper Gemstone Necklace Color: dark mottled olive green, light lime green, peachy pink. Matches lime green and coral, or wear it with earth tone colors. Sediment Jasper Pendant #176 matches this necklace. #175 Sediment and Jasper Necklace $32
Green Sediment Jasper PendantGreen Sediment Jasper Pendant Size: 24mm diameter coin, about 7/8 inch Color: mottled light and dark olive green Matches#175 necklace #176 Green Sediment Jasper Pendant $5
Peridot jasper and coral earringsPeridot Jasper and Pink Coral Earrings Matches necklace #175 also available as clip on earrings #5040 Pink Coral and Peridot Jasper Earrings $15
Peridot necklacePeridot Jasper and Peridot Necklace There are small Swarovski peridot crystals in the clasp. The lime green color has always been worn with earth tones, but I also like this peridot jewelry with navy or black. Unique combination of opaque jasper and glittering peridot makes it conservative enough for the office, yet perfect for an evening out. #125 Peridot Jasper and Peridot Necklace $32
Peridot Necklace
Peridot and jasper earringsPeridot Jasper Earrings Peridot jasper beads, peridot rectangles Matches necklace #125 also available as clip on earrings #5016 Peridot Jasper and Peridot Earrings $16
Coquette looking for beads
Leopardskin Jasper Necklace leopard jasper necklace Chunky beads with leopard skin patterns. Pink, red, yellow, gray, black. Can be worn with almost any color. One of a kind #1022 Leopard Jasper Necklace $45
Leopardskin Jasper Bracelet leopard jassssper bracelet Great patterns in earth tones. Matches #1022 gemstone necklace. One of a kind #3001 Leopard Jasper Bracelet $35
leopardskin jasper necklace
Kambaba Jasper Set
Bold swirls of dark green and black beads. Occasional white with green highlights. Add the tree agate necklace #MJ201 or pendant MJ202. More ideas on the Mix and Match Sets page.
Kambaba Jasper Necklace Kambaba jasper necklace Wear it with pure greens, not an olive color. Length 19 1/2 inches #K1025 Kambaba Jasper Necklace $29
Kambaba Jasper and Tree Agate Necklace jasper and tree agate necklace Length: 22 1/4 inches Wear it with #K1025 as a 2 strand necklace. Makes a bold statement. #K1026 Kambaba Jasper and Tree Agate Necklace $29
Silver Leaf Jasper and Silver Scale Gemstone Necklacesilver scale and jasper gemstone necklace handmade jasper and silver scale necklace The large silver scale gemstone beads have inclusions that look like sparkling silver specks and lines. The earthy colors in the jasper blend with the dark basic color of the silver scale beads. Add a unique focal point to any outfit you wear. #446 Handmade Jasper and Silver Scale Beaded Necklace $45.50SOLD
Jasper Large Oval Beaded Necklace jasper large oval necklace The big 1 1/2 inch long wavy oval beads combine shades of gray, brown and mauve in interesting patterns. one of a kind #265 Jasper Oval Necklace $34
Jasper and Tourquoise Beaded Necklace blue jasper gemstone necklace A unique beaded necklace combining greenish blue impression jasper and turquoise gemstones with copper. Natural onyx beads add brown. A long 2 strand necklace, handcrafted and designed by Tracy. #1054 Turquoise and Jasper 2 Strand Gemstone Necklace $78
Jasper ia an opaque variety of chalcedony. It contains inclusions of materials which give it a wide variety of colors and patterns. Sellers have given different descriptive names based on colors or patterns in the beads or on a geographical location. Names which are consistent include: red, yellow, pink, ocean, fancy, zebra, Kambaba, and leopard or leopardskin.
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Rhodonite Jewelry

Rhodonite Necklaces
The black veins found in most rhodonite are manganese. The pure color is considered higher quality.
Handmade gemstone jewelry with beaded necklaces containing genuine rhodonite gemstone beads. The colors of this handcrafted jewelry include a pure pink and a dark dusty rose. Other rhodonite beads with black inclusions can be found in black onyx jewelry.
Matching beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Rhodonite Mix and Match SetRhodonite Mix and Match Set
Two strands adjust to make at least 4 different necklaces. Directions are on the Mix and Match Sets page.
The color of this rhodonite beaded jewelry is a medium to dark dusty rose, a beautiful conservative color. The black inclusions that are common to rhodonite are not outstanding in these beads.Tip: Add the rhodonite necklace, #B119 from the onyx set, as the middle strand of a 3 strand necklace.   Experiment with the 3 strands to make more than 10 necklaces. Create the long or short one you need for each occasion.
Basic Rhodonite Gemstone NecklaceBasic Rhodonite Gemstone Necklace
A short necklace that looks good with a low neckline, open collar, or jacket.
#R134 Basic Rhodonite Necklace with S hook $30

Rhodonite and Silver NecklaceRhodonite and Silver Gemstone Necklace
I especially like rhodonite with black, gray, or white fabrics.
#R135 Rhodonite and Silver Necklace with S hook Clasp $36

Rhodonite earringsRhodonite Gemstone Earrings
The rhodonite round beads are 10mm.
Matches necklace # R134.
also available as clip on earrings
#5024 Rhodonite Earrings $16

Pink Rhodonite Necklacerhodonite handmade gemstone necklace
handmade rhodonite necklace

Faceted diamond shape beads joined with small rhodonites. Highlited with little pink Swarovski crystals. Looks great with a black top.
#411 Rhodonite Necklace $35
Rhodonite Necklacehandmade rhodonite necklace
Dusky pink rhodonite beads with natural black veining. The black design makes each bead unique and the necklace one of a kind.
#230 Rhodonite Gemstone Necklace $35
Transparent rhodonite is rare. Pure rose color without inclusions is considered the best opaque quality. Black veining is caused by manganese oxides and adds interest. It was considered to be calming and decrease anxiety.
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Obsidian Jewelry

Obsidian Necklaces
Did you know that obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that can be chipped to make sharp edges. In ancient times it was used for tools and weapons.
Beaded gemstone jewelry. Necklaces handcrafted using genuine obsidian gemstone beads. This handmade jewelry contains a brown variety of obsidian named mahogany obsidian.
Matching handmade beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Obsidian SetMahogany Obsidian Gemstone Jewelry Set
You can adjust length and strands with this jewelry set. Directions and suggestions are on the Mix and Match Set page.The S hook clasps used in this set are the same as those used for most other sets. 

TIP: Wear this fashionable beaded necklace with your favorite aqua or brown top.

Mahogany Obsidian NecklaceBasic Mahogany Obsidian Gemstone Necklace
Nice brown gemstones with black veining. Seed bead spacers are lighter brown.
Wear this bead necklace with your earth tone clothes.
#OB147 Mahogany Obsidian Necklace $30
Mahogany Obsidian necklace
Handmade Beaded Mahogany Obsidian and Sunstone Necklacesunstone gemstone necklace
mahogany obsidian and sunstone gemstone necklace
Dark brown obsidian contrasts with glimmering sunstone coins and sunstone with white matrix. Looks great with brown or rust clothes.
#OB220 Mahogany Obsidian and Sunstone Necklace $34

Mahogany obsidian earringsMahogany Obsidian Gemstone Earrings
Matches necklace #OB147.
also available as clip on earrings
#5035 Mahogany Obsidian Earrings $15

Obsidian and Turquoise NecklaceMahogany Obsidian and Turquoise Necklace
One of a kind. Similar available.
This turquoise jewelry is interspersed with the nice contrasting dark brown mahogany obsidian gemstone beads.
Use the basic obsidian necklace to add 17" to the length of this necklace.
Add more brown with the basic obsidian necklace as a second strand.
#OB148 Turquoise and Obsidian Necklace $35

Obsidian and Turquoise Necklace
Turquoise chip earringsTurquoise Earrings
One of a kind. Similar available.
Genuine turquoise chips
Matches necklace #OB148
#5021 Turquoise Chip Earrings $16

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass. It forms when lava solidifies.
It was inlaid in the gold collar found on King Tut’s mummy. It was also used in Mexico for images of their god Tezcatlipoca and to make mirrors used for telling the future

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Onyx Jewelry

Black Onyx Necklaces
Did you know that natural black onyx is a variety of chalcedony that may be black with white banding.
Handmade beaded gemstone jewelry with genuine black onyx gemstone beads. Combinations of black onyx with other colored gemstones are included. A plain black onyx necklace is the most useful in any jewelry collection. You can wear it for any occasion with any color or style of clothes. The contrast of black with another color adds emphasis to both. What makes our plain black onyx necklaces different from the typical one sold in many stores? We combine a variey of sizes or shapes to add interest while maintaining the basic color. Matching beaded earrings priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Polka Dot Black Onyx Necklaceblack onyx gemstone necklace dot black onyx beaded necklace These black onyx beads have a matte finish. Faceting cuts through the finish to show a unique shiny round shaped area. The effect looks like polka dots. The same process has been used for the large rock crystal quartz beads. They have transparent dots on a frosted surface. #444 Polka Dot Crystal Quartz and Black Onyx Handmade Necklace $49
Black Onyx Gemstone Mix and Match Jewelry Set Notice that each strand of this set uses different shapes of black onyx beads. The S clasp allows you to combine necklaces. If you like black onyx jewelry, this set will be a treat for you.
Black Onyx NecklaceBasic Black Onyx Beaded Gemstone Necklace This black onyx necklace is the basic one that you can use as the extender or pair with any of the other black onyx necklaces for a double or multi strand necklace. Length 16 3/4″ Tip: Use for a conservative look. It also works well with an open shirt collar for a casual look. #B112 Black Onyx Necklace $29.50 
Matching earrings available
Black Onyx Set
Basic Black Onyx Gemstone Earrings Consists of 8mm and 6mm round onyx beads Length from the top of the silver hook is 1 5/8″ also available as clip on earrings Matches any of the black onyx necklaces in this set. #5007 Basic Black Onyx Earrings $15SOLD
Black Onyx and Red Coral NecklaceBlack Onyx and Red Coral Necklace Length 18 3/4″ Focal point is the black lampwork glass barrel bead with a red vine. Red coral beads match the vine. Combine with Red Coral Jewelry necklace #RC 139. #B113 Onyx and Red Coral Necklace with S Hook $36
Black Onyx and Blue Turquoise NecklaceBlack Onyx and Blue Turquoise Necklace Length 20 1/2″ This turquoise jewelry is a pretty medium light blue with almost no black. Will add a bright color to your image. #B114 Onyx and Turquoise Necklace  $32
Red and Black Lampwork Glass Earrings red and black earringsRed vines on black barrel shape beads Match #B113 Necklace #5092 Onyx and Red Earrings $16
Blue Turquoise and Black Onyx Earrings blue turquoise earrings Light blue chalk turquoise matches #B114 necklace. #5193 Onyx and Turquoise Earrings  $15

More lampwork glass jewelry can be found on the Glass Jewelry page.

Look at the drop down menu under Online Jewelry Store or find the links on our Handmade Beaded Jewelry .Org home page.

Black Onyx and Yellow Turquoise Necklace Length 19 1/2″ Yellow turquoise has black and gray inclusions, which compliment the onyx. The yellow is not bright and can be worn with many fabric colors. Tip:  Combine this strand with any of the others in the set. #B115 Onyx & Yellow Turquoise Necklace with S Hook $36
black onyx and fuchsia turquoise necklaceBlack Onyx and Fuchsia Turquoise Necklace Length 17 3/4″ Wear this pinkish lavender color fuchsia with shades of purple that have more red than blue in them. #B116 Onyx and Fuchsia Turquoise Gemstone Necklace $32
Black Onyx and China Chrysoprase NecklaceBlack Onyx and China Chrysoprase Gemstone Necklace Length 18″ The chrysoprase jewelry has black inclusions in some of the green beads. The hue of the chrysoprase beads varies from a light yellow green to a dark grayish green. #B117 Onyx and China Chrysoprase Necklace $34
Fuchsia Turquoise Beaded Earrings fuchsia turquoise earringsPretty fuchsia chalk turquoise dangle from silver. Wear them with #B116 necklace. #5194 Fuchsia Turquoise Gemstone Earrings $17
Onyx twist earringsLarge Twist Onyx Earrings Matches China chrysoprase and onyx necklace #B117 also available as clip on earrings #5006 Twist Onyx Gemstone Earrings $15
Black Onyx and White Quartz NecklaceBlack Onyx with White and Black Agate Necklace Length: 22″ Combine this necklace with any of the other strands in this set. I like this white agate jewelry best with the colors that have black inclusions in them. #B118 Black Onyx and White Agate Necklace $35
Black Onyx and Rhodonite NecklaceBlack Onyx and Rhodonite Gemstone Necklace Length: 17 3/4″ This rhodonite has veins of black in it. The rose color varies from a light to a dark grayish rose. This is not a really bright rose. It is beautiful with gray or black for a conservative look. #B119 Onyx and Rhodonite Necklace $36
Black and White Agate Earrings white and black earringsWear them alone or with #B118 necklace. #5192 Black Onyx and White Agate Earrings $15
Black Onyx Bead Earrings black onyx earringsPost style drop earrings match any black onyx and silver necklace. #5195 Black Onyx Drop Earrings $14.50
Large Black Onyx Beaded NecklaceLarge Black Onyx Beaded Necklacelarge black onyx necklace Length: 18″ A big bold necklace without being overpowering. So versatile! Looks great short or long. Wear it with anything. Tip: The beads in this necklace are too large to combine with 17 or 19 inch strands for a multiple strand necklace. Looks best when combined with the basic black onyx necklace #B112 . #B169 Large Black Onyx Necklace with S Hook $38
Black Onyx Bracelet basic black onyx braceletUse this 8 inch bracelet to increase the length of any necklace in this set. #2017 Basic Black Onyx Bracelet $23
Copper and Black Onyx Necklace copper and onyx beaded necklace A unique handcrafted necklace designed with bright copper and black onyx gemstone beads. The copper bead shapes are repeated with black. Wear it with any color in any season. #534 Black Onyx and Copper Beaded Necklace $39
Handmade Black Onyx and Copper Bracelet copper and onyx bracelet A unique handmade bracelet combining copper beads with black onyx genuine gemstone beads. Perfect worn with a copper or black onyx necklace and earrings. #2034 Black Onyx and Copper Beaded Bracelet $33
Handmade Beaded Black Onyx and White Pearl Necklace black onyx and pearl necklaceBlack onyx contrasted with white pearls are highlighted with handmade Bali silver beads. The profit from this necklace will be donated for disaster relief. More information. #B276 Black Onyx and Pearl Necklace $38
onyx Bali silver earringsLarge Black Onyx and Bali Silver Chandelier Earrings Matches any black onyx necklace also available as clip on earrings #5065 Black Onyx Chandelier Earrings $21
black and white gemstone necklaceBlack Onyx and Large White Gemstone Necklace handmade black onyx and white shell necklace Contrasting neutral colors go with anything. Combine it with the White Necklace #281 #283 Black Onyx and Large White Gemstone Necklace $35
Long Matte Black Onyx Necklaceblack onyx gemstone necklace matte black onyx necklace The matte finish makes it more conservative than the typical polished look. Bali silver adds interest. Can be worn with any color clothes in any season Available by request in a shorter length. #338 Matte Black Onyx Necklace SOLD
Black Onyx with Pyrite Gemstone Necklacelarge black onyx necklace black onyx with pyrite necklace Large flat black beads with little pyrite inclusions. Wear this unique jewelry with any color clothes. #1045 Black Onyx with Pyrite Beaded Necklace $35SOLD
Coquette spilled beads
Onyx is a variety of chalcedony that is similar to agate. Natural black onyx has straight white banding. The banding in agate is usually curved. The plain black onyx used for jewelry is a colorless or gray chalcedony that has been artificially colored by dying or blackening using a chemical process. White, green, or blue onyx is also dyed. The gray banded variety of chalcedony is sometimes called natural onyx. Banded marble has also been given the name onyx.
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Faceted Onyx Jewelry

Faceted Black Onyx Necklaces
Did you know that black onyx was believed to cause pregnant women to give birth prematurely.
Handmade gemstone jewelry with beaded gemstone necklaces using genuine black onyx.
Faceted beads have intersecting flat planes cut on the surfaces. The light is reflected and creates sparkle. Faceted black onyx jewelry is perfect for dressy attire. It has more sparkle than plain beads, yet not as much as crystal.
Matching handmade earrings priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
Faceted Black Onyx Jewelry Set
The faceted gemstones have more sparkle than the normal shapes. This set offers the same adjustable necklace options as the other sets.
Look at our
Mix and Match Sets
page for directions and suggestions.

Faceted Black Onyx NecklaceBasic
Faceted Black Onyx Bead Necklace

Wear this for an evening out, for a formal occasion, or just to add a little bit of sparkle to your image.
#FB140 Faceted Black Onyx Necklace $49

Faceted Black Onyx Jewelry Set
Basic Black Onyx Beaded Earrings
faceted onyx earringsMatch any of the faceted black onyx necklaces in this set.
#5179 Faceted Black Onyx Earrings$15

Faceted Onyx and Aqua-black Crystal NecklaceFaceted Black Onyx and Aqua-Black Crystal Necklace
The crystal is Czech fire polished 2 color faceted.
This aqua has a little more blue than the typical turquoise, but can still be worn with most aqua or turquoise clothes.
#FB141 Onyx and Aqua-Black Necklace $33.50

Necklace Extenders
Use a 10 inch extender to increase the length of any necklace in this set.
A photo is on the
Silver and Gold Jewelry
#144 Sterling silver necklace extender with 22 mm S hook clasp $20.50

Faceted Black Onyx and Faceted White Gemstone Necklace

black onyx and white coral necklaceBlack
and white contrast in faceted beads. Makes a nice 2 strand necklace when
combined with #FB112 necklace .
#FB247 Faceted Black Onyx and White Gemstone Necklace $35

white coral and black onyx necklace
Faceted Black Onyx and
Faceted Rock Crystal Gemstone Necklace

black onyx and rock crystal necklaceLarge sparkling rock crystal quartz, a natural gemstone, not man made crystal.
Dresses up youir outfit with a sophisticated look.
#FB246 Faceted Black Onyx and Rock Crystal Necklace $38

black onyx and crystal necklace
Black onyx earringsBasic Black Onyx Earrings
Matches the basic black onyx necklace #B112
also available as clip on earrings
#5007 Basic Black Onyx Earrings $15

Faceted Black Onyx and Rose Quartz Necklace with Pendant
black onyx and rose quartz necklaceA large teardrop rose quartz pendant highlights this pink and black necklace.
Pair it with the basic faceted black onyx necklace #FB112.
#FB245 Faceted Onyx Necklace with Rose Quartz Pendant $36

rose quartz silver chandelier earringsLong Rose Quartz Chandelier Earrings
Matches necklace #FB245
also available as clip on earrings
#5064 Rose Quartz Chandelier Earrings $20

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