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Jasper Necklaces
Did you know that jasper has more than 100 named varieties. Most are trade names given by sellers.
Beaded gemstone jewelry. The handmade necklaces contain genuine jasper gemstones in a variety of colors and sizes. The jewelry is listed here if the content is primarily jasper. Other gemstone beads may be included in the designs. Jasper is occasionally used as a secondary gemstone in our other jewelry. Matching handmade gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Yellow Jasper Beaded Necklace yellow jasper beaded gemstone necklace Colorful handcrafted necklace with golden yellow jasper chips. Blue, lime green and orange/gray gemstone beads add interest. #524 Long Yellow Jasper Gemstone Necklace $30
Black Water Jasper and Blue Gemstone Necklace black water jasper beaded gemstone necklace Combination of blue crazy lace agate, black water jasper, black onyx and hematite in a long necklace. Genuine gemstone beads in a unique design. #495 Handmade Jasper, Blue Agate and Onyx Necklace SOLD
Poppy and Red Jasper NecklacePoppy and Red Jasper Necklace Two shades of red are in this beaded gemstone necklace. Red jasperis a brick red, and the poppy jasper is a dark brownish red. Wear this popular dark earthy red with almost any of your earth tone outfits. #PJ149 Poppy and Red Jasper Necklace $30
Poppy jasper earringsPoppy Jasper Gemstone Earrings Matches the poppy jasper necklace #PJ149 also available as clip on earrings #PJ5004 Poppy Jasper Earrings $15

Combines Sesame Jasper with Leopard-skin Jasper and Coral

Sesame Jasper Mix and Match Set. Directions for adjusting length or combining strands are on the Mix and Match Sets page.

Basic Sesame Jasper and Coral NecklaceBasic Sesame Jasper and Coral Necklace Coral, off white, dark earth tones in this coral jewelry Wear these colors with many dark or light earth tones. I like it with browns or off white. #SJ181 Sesame Jasper and Coral Basic Necklace $34
Coral and Sesame Jasper NecklaceCoral and Sesame Jasper Gemstone Necklace Coral, off white, dark earth tones #SJ182 Coral and Sesame Jasper Necklace $34
Jasper and coral earringsSesame Jasper and Coral Earringsjasper handmade gemstone necklace Matches sesame jasper mix and match set #5049 Coral and Sesame Jasper Earrings $16
Painted Desert Jasper Necklacejasper beaded gemstone necklace painted jasper necklace Beautiful patterns of brown, black, and orange in an off white background. Bright orange carnelian and black beads emphasize the jasper colors. Looks especially nice with orange or black clothes. #342 Painted Desert Jasper Necklace SOLD
Beaded Black Mudline and Carnelian Earrings black and carnelian earrings The same beads as in the necklace #342 #5153 Carnelian and Black Mudline Earrings $15
Unique Ocean Jasper Gemstone Necklace ocean jasper necklace Large beads in a variety of shapes and colors. No two are exactly alike. Wear it with basic colors or match any of the gemstone colors. #343 Ocean Jasper Necklace $49
Red Impression Jasper Gemstone Necklace red impression jasper beaded gemstone necklace This handmade gemstone jewelry features dark red jasper contrasted with beige alabaster gemstone beads and carved horn beads. More conservative than most bright red jewelry. Can be worn with casual clothes. #502 Red Impression Jasper Handmade Necklace $40
Moukaite NecklaceMoukaite (Mookite) Jasper Necklace The attractive characteristic of this necklace is the wide variety of colors in the beads, including gold, mauve, rust, brown, olive and gray. Colors are not bright and blend well with earth tones. From a distance golds stand out. #129 Moukaite Necklace $29
Sediment and Peridot Jasper NecklaceSediment and Peridot Jasper Gemstone Necklace Color: dark mottled olive green, light lime green, peachy pink. Matches lime green and coral, or wear it with earth tone colors. Sediment Jasper Pendant #176 matches this necklace. #175 Sediment and Jasper Necklace $30
Green Sediment Jasper PendantGreen Sediment Jasper Pendant Size: 24mm diameter coin, about 7/8 inch Color: mottled light and dark olive green Matches#175 necklace #176 Green Sediment Jasper Pendant $5
Peridot jasper and coral earringsPeridot Jasper and Pink Coral Earrings Matches necklace #175 also available as clip on earrings #5040 Pink Coral and Peridot Jasper Earrings sold
Peridot necklacePeridot Jasper and Peridot Necklace There are small Swarovski peridot crystals in the clasp. The lime green color has always been worn with earth tones, but I also like this peridot jewelry with navy or black. Unique combination of opaque jasper and glittering peridot makes it conservative enough for the office, yet perfect for an evening out. #125 Peridot Jasper and Peridot Necklace $30
Peridot Necklace
Peridot and jasper earringsPeridot Jasper Earrings Peridot jasper beads, peridot rectangles Matches necklace #125 also available as clip on earrings #5016 Peridot Jasper and Peridot Earrings $16
Coquette looking for beads
Leopardskin Jasper Necklace leopard jasper necklace Chunky beads with leopard skin patterns. Pink, red, yellow, gray, black. Can be worn with almost any color. One of a kind #1022 Leopard Jasper Necklace $37
Leopardskin Jasper Bracelet leopard jassssper bracelet Great patterns in earth tones. Matches #1022 gemstone necklace. One of a kind #3001 Leopard Jasper Bracelet $35
leopardskin jasper necklace
Kambaba Jasper Set
Bold swirls of dark green and black beads. Occasional white with green highlights. Add the tree agate necklace #MJ201 or pendant MJ202. More ideas on the Mix and Match Sets page.
Kambaba Jasper Necklace Kambaba jasper necklace Wear it with pure greens, not an olive color. Length 19 1/2 inches #K1025 Kambaba Jasper Necklace $30
Kambaba Jasper and Tree Agate Necklace jasper and tree agate necklace Length: 22 1/4 inches Wear it with #K1025 as a 2 strand necklace. Makes a bold statement. #K1026 Kambaba Jasper and Tree Agate Necklace $32
Silver Leaf Jasper and Silver Scale Gemstone Necklacesilver scale and jasper gemstone necklace handmade jasper and silver scale necklace The large silver scale gemstone beads have inclusions that look like sparkling silver specks and lines. The earthy colors in the jasper blend with the dark basic color of the silver scale beads. Add a unique focal point to any outfit you wear. #446 Handmade Jasper and Silver Scale Beaded Necklace SOLD
Jasper Large Oval Beaded Necklace jasper large oval necklace The big 1 1/2 inch long wavy oval beads combine shades of gray, brown and mauve in interesting patterns. one of a kind #265 Jasper Oval Necklace $32
Jasper and Tourquoise Beaded Necklace blue jasper gemstone necklace A unique beaded necklace combining greenish blue impression jasper and turquoise gemstones with copper. Natural onyx beads add brown. A long 2 strand necklace, handcrafted and designed by Tracy. #1054 Turquoise and Jasper 2 Strand Gemstone Necklace $165
Jasper ia an opaque variety of chalcedony. It contains inclusions of materials which give it a wide variety of colors and patterns. Sellers have given different descriptive names based on colors or patterns in the beads or on a geographical location. Names which are consistent include: red, yellow, pink, ocean, fancy, zebra, Kambaba, and leopard or leopardskin.
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