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Black Onyx Necklaces
Did you know that natural black onyx is a variety of chalcedony that may be black with white banding.
Handmade beaded gemstone jewelry with genuine black onyx gemstone beads. Combinations of black onyx with other colored gemstones are included. A plain black onyx necklace is the most useful in any jewelry collection. You can wear it for any occasion with any color or style of clothes. The contrast of black with another color adds emphasis to both. What makes our plain black onyx necklaces different from the typical one sold in many stores? We combine a variey of sizes or shapes to add interest while maintaining the basic color. Matching beaded earrings priced separately.
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Polka Dot Black Onyx Necklaceblack onyx gemstone necklace dot black onyx beaded necklace These black onyx beads have a matte finish. Faceting cuts through the finish to show a unique shiny round shaped area. The effect looks like polka dots. The same process has been used for the large rock crystal quartz beads. They have transparent dots on a frosted surface. #444 Polka Dot Crystal Quartz and Black Onyx Handmade Necklace $45
Black Onyx Gemstone Mix and Match Jewelry Set Notice that each strand of this set uses different shapes of black onyx beads. The S clasp allows you to combine necklaces. If you like black onyx jewelry, this set will be a treat for you.
Black Onyx NecklaceBasic Black Onyx Beaded Gemstone Necklace This black onyx necklace is the basic one that you can use as the extender or pair with any of the other black onyx necklaces for a double or multi strand necklace. Length 16 3/4″ Tip: Use for a conservative look. It also works well with an open shirt collar for a casual look. #B112 Black Onyx Necklace $33 
Matching earrings available
Black Onyx Set
Basic Black Onyx Gemstone Earrings Consists of 8mm and 6mm round onyx beads Length from the top of the silver hook is 1 5/8″ also available as clip on earrings Matches any of the black onyx necklaces in this set. #5007 Basic Black Onyx Earrings SOLD
Black Onyx and Red Coral NecklaceBlack Onyx and Red Coral Necklace Length 18 3/4″ Focal point is the black lampwork glass barrel bead with a red vine. Red coral beads match the vine. Combine with Red Coral Jewelry necklace #RC 139. #B113 Onyx and Red Coral Necklace with S Hook $32
Black Onyx and Blue Turquoise NecklaceBlack Onyx and Blue Turquoise Necklace Length 20 1/2″ This turquoise jewelry is a pretty medium light blue with almost no black. Will add a bright color to your image. #B114 Onyx and Turquoise Necklace  $34
Red and Black Lampwork Glass Earrings red and black earringsRed vines on black barrel shape beads Match #B113 Necklace #5092 Onyx and Red Earrings $16
Blue Turquoise and Black Onyx Earrings blue turquoise earrings Light blue chalk turquoise matches #B114 necklace. #5193 Onyx and Turquoise Earrings  $15

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Black Onyx and Yellow Turquoise Necklace Length 19 1/2″ Yellow turquoise has black and gray inclusions, which compliment the onyx. The yellow is not bright and can be worn with many fabric colors. Tip:  Combine this strand with any of the others in the set. #B115 Onyx & Yellow Turquoise Necklace with S Hook $39
black onyx and fuchsia turquoise necklaceBlack Onyx and Fuchsia Turquoise Necklace Length 17 3/4″ Wear this pinkish lavender color fuchsia with shades of purple that have more red than blue in them. #B116 Onyx and Fuchsia Turquoise Gemstone Necklace $35
Black Onyx and China Chrysoprase NecklaceBlack Onyx and China Chrysoprase Gemstone Necklace Length 18″ The chrysoprase jewelry has black inclusions in some of the green beads. The hue of the chrysoprase beads varies from a light yellow green to a dark grayish green. #B117 Onyx and China Chrysoprase Necklace $35
Fuchsia Turquoise Beaded Earrings fuchsia turquoise earringsPretty fuchsia chalk turquoise dangle from silver. Wear them with #B116 necklace. #5194 Fuchsia Turquoise Gemstone Earrings $17
Onyx twist earringsLarge Twist Onyx Earrings Matches China chrysoprase and onyx necklace #B117 also available as clip on earrings #5006 Twist Onyx Gemstone Earrings $15
Black Onyx and White Quartz NecklaceBlack Onyx with White and Black Agate Necklace Length: 22″ Combine this necklace with any of the other strands in this set. I like this white agate jewelry best with the colors that have black inclusions in them. #B118 Black Onyx and White Agate Necklace $35
Black Onyx and Rhodonite NecklaceBlack Onyx and Rhodonite Gemstone Necklace Length: 17 3/4″ This rhodonite has veins of black in it. The rose color varies from a light to a dark grayish rose. This is not a really bright rose. It is beautiful with gray or black for a conservative look. #B119 Onyx and Rhodonite Necklace $35
Black and White Agate Earrings white and black earringsWear them alone or with #B118 necklace. #5192 Black Onyx and White Agate Earrings $15
Black Onyx Bead Earrings black onyx earringsPost style drop earrings match any black onyx and silver necklace. #5195 Black Onyx Drop Earrings $15
Large Black Onyx Beaded NecklaceLarge Black Onyx Beaded Necklacelarge black onyx necklace Length: 18″ A big bold necklace without being overpowering. So versatile! Looks great short or long. Wear it with anything. Tip: The beads in this necklace are too large to combine with 17 or 19 inch strands for a multiple strand necklace. Looks best when combined with the basic black onyx necklace #B112 . #B169 Large Black Onyx Necklace with S Hook $35
Black Onyx Bracelet basic black onyx braceletUse this 8 inch bracelet to increase the length of any necklace in this set. #2017 Basic Black Onyx Bracelet $23
Copper and Black Onyx Necklace copper and onyx beaded necklace A unique handcrafted necklace designed with bright copper and black onyx gemstone beads. The copper bead shapes are repeated with black. Wear it with any color in any season. #534 Black Onyx and Copper Beaded Necklace $35
Handmade Black Onyx and Copper Bracelet copper and onyx bracelet A unique handmade bracelet combining copper beads with black onyx genuine gemstone beads. Perfect worn with a copper or black onyx necklace and earrings. #2034 Black Onyx and Copper Beaded Bracelet $33
Handmade Beaded Black Onyx and White Pearl Necklace black onyx and pearl necklaceBlack onyx contrasted with white pearls are highlighted with handmade Bali silver beads. The profit from this necklace will be donated for disaster relief. More information. #B276 Black Onyx and Pearl Necklace $38
onyx Bali silver earringsLarge Black Onyx and Bali Silver Chandelier Earrings Matches any black onyx necklace also available as clip on earrings #5065 Black Onyx Chandelier Earrings sold
black and white gemstone necklaceBlack Onyx and Large White Gemstone Necklace handmade black onyx and white shell necklace Contrasting neutral colors go with anything. Combine it with the White Necklace #281 #283 Black Onyx and Large White Gemstone Necklace $35
Long Matte Black Onyx Necklaceblack onyx gemstone necklace matte black onyx necklace The matte finish makes it more conservative than the typical polished look. Bali silver adds interest. Can be worn with any color clothes in any season Available by request in a shorter length. #338 Matte Black Onyx Necklace SOLD
Black Onyx with Pyrite Gemstone Necklacelarge black onyx necklace black onyx with pyrite necklace Large flat black beads with little pyrite inclusions. Wear this unique jewelry with any color clothes. #1045 Black Onyx with Pyrite Beaded Necklace SOLD
Coquette spilled beads
Onyx is a variety of chalcedony that is similar to agate. Natural black onyx has straight white banding. The banding in agate is usually curved. The plain black onyx used for jewelry is a colorless or gray chalcedony that has been artificially colored by dying or blackening using a chemical process. White, green, or blue onyx is also dyed. The gray banded variety of chalcedony is sometimes called natural onyx. Banded marble has also been given the name onyx.
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