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Did you know that amber can acquire an electrical charge when rubbed.
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Yellow and White Amber Necklace yellow amber necklace This handmade gemstone necklace is the color of spring daffodils. Bright yellow and creamy white amber beads are cheerful. Large beads that are light weight. Wear it with almost any color clothes. #480 Handmade Yellow Amber Necklace SOLD
Beaded Amber Necklace handmade amber necklace Large barrel beads in light yellow and dark amber colors in a beaded necklace of dark amber chips.The dark veining in the yellow beads matches the dark amber chips. Very light weight and comfortable to wear. #456 Dark and Light Amber Necklace $40
Antique Bone and Amber NecklaceAntique Bone and Amber Necklace Antique refers to the color of the bone, not the age. This amber jewelry is a medium color amber with tan bone. Very light weight and easy to wear. A real TREAT. #164 Amber Chip and Antique Bone Necklace $39
Antique bone earringsAntique Bone Earrings Matches #164 necklace also available as clip on earrings #5036 Antique Bone Earrings $15
Amber Beaded Necklace Amber necklace Large dark amber barrel shaped beads interspersed in a handmade necklace of amber chips. Colors range from golden yellow to dark reddish brown. A very light weight long beaded necklace. Wear it with rust, brown, or golden yellow color clothes. #1041 Amber Handmade Beaded Necklace $35
Amber Earrings dark amber earrings Handmade drop earrings with large dark amber ovals and chips. Match amber necklaces #1041 and #456 #4003 Amber Beaded Earrings $22
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Amber is considered an organic or natural gemstone because it was produced by biological processes. It is the fossilized resin of trees that dried more than 40 million years ago. It was popular with ancient people because it was light weight and soft enough to shape with primitive tools. Amber can contain insects that were trapped and fossilized with the resin.
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