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Rhodonite Necklaces
The black veins found in most rhodonite are manganese. The pure color is considered higher quality.
Handmade gemstone jewelry with beaded necklaces containing genuine rhodonite gemstone beads. The colors of this handcrafted jewelry include a pure pink and a dark dusty rose. Other rhodonite beads with black inclusions can be found in black onyx jewelry. Matching beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Rhodonite Mix and Match SetRhodonite Mix and Match Set Two strands adjust to make at least 4 different necklaces. Directions are on the Mix and Match Sets page. The color of this rhodonite beaded jewelry is a medium to dark dusty rose, a beautiful conservative color. The black inclusions that are common to rhodonite are not outstanding in these beads.Tip: Add the rhodonite necklace, #B119 from the onyx set, as the middle strand of a 3 strand necklace.   Experiment with the 3 strands to make more than 10 necklaces. Create the long or short one you need for each occasion.
Basic Rhodonite Gemstone NecklaceBasic Rhodonite Gemstone Necklace A short necklace that looks good with a low neckline, open collar, or jacket. #R134 Basic Rhodonite Necklace with S hook $30
Rhodonite and Silver NecklaceRhodonite and Silver Gemstone Necklace I especially like rhodonite with black, gray, or white fabrics. #R135 Rhodonite and Silver Necklace with S hook Clasp $35
Rhodonite earringsRhodonite Gemstone Earrings The rhodonite round beads are 10mm. Matches necklace # R134. also available as clip on earrings #5024 Rhodonite Earrings $16
Pink Rhodonite Necklacerhodonite handmade gemstone necklace handmade rhodonite necklace Faceted diamond shape beads joined with small rhodonites. Highlited with little pink Swarovski crystals. Looks great with a black top. #411 Rhodonite Necklace $35
Rhodonite Necklacehandmade rhodonite necklace Dusky pink rhodonite beads with natural black veining. The black design makes each bead unique and the necklace one of a kind. #230 Rhodonite Gemstone Necklace $35
Transparent rhodonite is rare. Pure rose color without inclusions is considered the best opaque quality. Black veining is caused by manganese oxides and adds interest. It was considered to be calming and decrease anxiety.
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