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Rhodochrosite Necklaces
Did you know that the name rhodochrosite is from a Greek word meaning of a rosy color, yet it also occurs in brown or gray.
Genuine handmade beaded gemstone jewelry. Rhosochrosite in beautiful pink varieties, sometimes combined with other genuine gemstones Matching handmade earrings priced separately.
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Rhodochrosite and Rock Crystal Necklace pink rhosochrosite necklace Mostly soft pink rhodochrosite with very little banding. Wear it with darker rose or wine or many pastel color clothes. Nice with navy or black. #1035 Rhodochrosite and Rock Crystal Necklace SOLD
Rhodochrosite Choker Necklace rhodocrosite chokerBeautiful soft pinks in a dainty choker length. Banded shades of rose to pink with white and gray matrix. #RO1023 Rhodocrosite Choker Necklace SOLD
handmade  beaded rhochrosite necklaceRhodochrosite Tube and Round Beaded Necklace Nice bands of rose, pink, gray and white. More valuable than some of the other gemstones commonly used for beading. #301 Rhodochrosite Tube Necklace $49
rhodocrosite gemstone earringsHandmade Beaded Rhodochrosite Earrings Pink with bands of rose, gray and white Matches the rhodochrosite semi precious gemstone necklaces. #5107 Rhodochrosite Earrings $15
There are two forms of rhodochrosite. The highest gem quality occurs in chrystal form It is transparent. The more common form is stalactitic rock. It is the opaque banded rose, white, and gray used in most jewelry.
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