Faceted Onyx Jewelry

Faceted Black Onyx Necklaces
Did you know that black onyx was believed to cause pregnant women to give birth prematurely.
Handmade gemstone jewelry with beaded gemstone necklaces using genuine black onyx. Faceted beads have intersecting flat planes cut on the surfaces. The light is reflected and creates sparkle. Faceted black onyx jewelry is perfect for dressy attire. It has more sparkle than plain beads, yet not as much as crystal. Matching handmade earrings priced separately.
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Faceted Black Onyx Jewelry Set The faceted gemstones have more sparkle than the normal shapes. This set offers the same adjustable necklace options as the other sets. Look at our Mix and Match Sets page for directions and suggestions.
Faceted Black Onyx NecklaceBasic Faceted Black Onyx Bead Necklace Wear this for an evening out, for a formal occasion, or just to add a little bit of sparkle to your image. #FB140 Faceted Black Onyx Necklace $45
Faceted Black Onyx Jewelry Set
Basic Black Onyx Beaded Earrings faceted onyx earringsMatch any of the faceted black onyx necklaces in this set. #5179 Faceted Black Onyx Earrings$15
Faceted Onyx and Aqua-black Crystal NecklaceFaceted Black Onyx and Aqua-Black Crystal Necklace The crystal is Czech fire polished 2 color faceted. This aqua has a little more blue than the typical turquoise, but can still be worn with most aqua or turquoise clothes. #FB141 Onyx and Aqua-Black Necklace $39
Necklace Extenders Use a 10 inch extender to increase the length of any necklace in this set. A photo is on the Silver and Gold Jewelry page. #144 Sterling silver necklace extender with 22 mm S hook clasp sold
Faceted Black Onyx and Faceted White Gemstone Necklace black onyx and white coral necklaceBlack and white contrast in faceted beads. Makes a nice 2 strand necklace when combined with #FB112 necklace . #FB247 Faceted Black Onyx and White Gemstone Necklace $36
white coral and black onyx necklace
Faceted Black Onyx and Faceted Rock Crystal Gemstone Necklace black onyx and rock crystal necklaceLarge sparkling rock crystal quartz, a natural gemstone, not man made crystal. Dresses up youir outfit with a sophisticated look. #FB246 Faceted Black Onyx and Rock Crystal Necklace $37
black onyx and crystal necklace
Black onyx earringsBasic Black Onyx Earrings Matches the basic black onyx necklace #B112 also available as clip on earrings #5007 Basic Black Onyx Earrings sold
Faceted Black Onyx and Rose Quartz Necklace with Pendant black onyx and rose quartz necklaceA large teardrop rose quartz pendant highlights this pink and black necklace. Pair it with the basic faceted black onyx necklace #FB112. #FB245 Faceted Onyx Necklace with Rose Quartz Pendant $38
rose quartz silver chandelier earringsLong Rose Quartz Chandelier Earrings Matches necklace #FB245 also available as clip on earrings #5064 Rose Quartz Chandelier Earrings $24
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