June Handmade Beaded Jewelry Additions

June introductions of new handmade beaded jewelry. Tracy’s latest designs include 2 stunning necklaces containing red coral. One uses a lot of Bali silver along with some large turquoise chunky nuggets. The other includes beads marketed as gold coral.The color actually looks more like light brown than gold.
Red Coral and Turquoise Necklace red coral and turquoise necklace Large nuggets of turquoise and bright red genuine coral. Bali silver beads and teardrop add interest. Wear it as a bright focal point. #1036 Unique Red Coral and Turquoise Necklace SOLD
Red White and Gold Coral Necklace red white and gold coral necklace Large red coral beads and white coral chips. Unusual brown coral with gold chatoyancy. #1037Red and White Coral Necklace SOLD
I found some beautiful genuine sapphire beads at a recent bead show. They are from one of my favorite sellers. He gave me a great price which I am passing on to my customers. I have included Bali sterling silver beads in the necklace. This necklace features 2 strands of sapphires in the front where they will show. The back is liquid sterling silver with a few sapphire rondelles.
Dark Blue Sapphire Necklace beaded blue sapphire necklace A 2 strand beaded genuine sapphire necklace. Bali sterling silver beads. Sparkling little faceted rondelles. #453 Handmade Sapphire Necklace $140
From the same seller.These sunstone drops are a nearly transparent orange red. Most have a chatoyant sheen when light hits them. You can see little specks in some of the drops.
Handmade Sunstone Necklace handmade sunstone necklace Shimmering red orange sunstone teardrops hang from a gold necklace.Tiny sparkling inclusions within the beads Wear it with any shade of brown or beige and many other colors. #445 Beaded Sunstone Necklace $80
This ambronite is a nice translucent golden yellow. I am not sure what it is. The name is being used to market the beads. My research for ambronite gave me 2 different gemstones. Yellow jasper which is usually opaque and looks quite different. It might be yellow jade, but the name jade has been misused to market many lower priced gemstones. So why call jade by an unknown trade name like ambronite? Whatever it is, I like it.
Ambronite and Lapis Lazuli Necklace ambronite and lapis necklace Golden translucent ambronite. Medium blue lapis cubes as spacers. Looks nice with navy blue. #400 Handmade Ambronite Necklace $55
Seraphinite is a little known unusual dark green gemstone with silvery white inclusions. I found some vintage German crystal with intentional white inclusions. I was told that these beads were made about 1960. The German maker was copying a design with similar white inclusions used by Swarovski in the 1950s. I like the similarity between the white in the green and crystal beads.
Seraphinite and Vintage Crystal Necklace beaded seraphinite necklace Both the seraphinite gemstones and German crystal have feathery white inclusions. German crystal is a 1960s version of a 1950s Swarovski crystal bead. Dark forest green that can be worn with many colors. #449 Seraphinite Gemstone Necklace SOLD
These unusual emerald beads came from a local supplier that I have used for more than 15 years. Inclusions make the beads opaque. I am not sure what all the inclusions are. The brown is probably matrix, the rock that held the emerald crystal. There are little sparkling dots from a mineral.
Opaque Genuine Emerald Necklace beaded emerald necklace Beautiful green emerald color combined with other dark colors and some inner sparkle. Genuine emerald beads also include a mixture of other materials, probably the matrix rock that held the crystal, maybe some other minerals. #450 Handmade Emerald Necklace $80
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