Sapphire Jewelry

Handmade Beaded Sapphire Necklaces
Did you know that the Logan sapphire is 423 carats and is one of the world’s largest.
September Birthstone
This sapphire jewelry is genuine handmade gemstone jewelry. The beaded necklaces use natural color sapphires or color enhanced genuine sapphires. An affordable choice for September birthstone jewelry.
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Dark Blue Sapphire Necklaceblue sapphire necklace beaded blue sapphire necklace A 2 strand beaded genuine sapphire necklace. Bali sterling silver beads. Sparkling little faceted rondelles. #453 Handmade Sapphire Necklace $80
Umba Multicolor Sapphire Necklace multi color sapphire necklace Umba sapphires are named for the location where they are mined. A beaded gemstone necklace of genuine sapphires in natural colors.Various shades of pink sapphires, blue sapphires, and pale green sapphires, separated by sterling silver beads. Unique sapphire jewelry. A beautiful handmade gemstone necklace of sparkling little faceted rondelles to wear with many clothes colors. #476 Handmade Genuine Sapphire Necklace $SOLD
Sapphire, like ruby, is curundum. Before the 19th century only blue curundum was called sapphire. Other colors were erroneously grouped with same color gemstones.Today we know that there are many other sapphire colors.
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