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Jewelry Designed To Be Worn

Isn’t all jewelry designed to be worn?
Yes and No

Some pieces of jewelry are designed as beautiful works of art. They can stand alone and look great in a photo or display case.
They may be designed to showcase the designer’s talent or win a contest .
If worn, this type of necklace needs a specific top (usually black or white) with the proper neckline to show it off. It will be an eye catching focal point.

Other jewelry needs to be worn to emphasize its beauty. It may not stand out in a show case or web page with other jewelry. The combination of the necklace with nice clothes will be beautiful.

Our website offers elegant, simple, single color and neutral color jewelry to wear with different outfits.
Many of our beaded necklaces can be worn with bright color clothes or print fabrics.
You can find large chunky beads or dainty small beads in short or long lengths.
We also offer necklace extenders.

Our collections are not limited to simple designs. We include jewelry using combinations of pretty hues to wear with neutral color clothes.

Browse through our website to see a variety of designs.

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