Jewelry to Update Your Wardrobe

Did you ever get dressed and then discover that none of your jewelry looks right with your outfit?
What should your jewelry collection include?
Buying quality jewelry that will not go out of style is a good investment. It should be the basis of your collection. Then add a few trendy pieces. Beaded jewelry has a long history and offers a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials.

Necklace suggestions:
Neutral Colors that can be worn with any color clothes, simple styles, the most important
Black – onyx, black agate, hypersthene
Off white – fossil or coral
White – pearls, moonstone
Gray – hematite, agate
Brown – smoky quartz, pietersite, obsidian, jasper,or wood,
Crystal – quartz, Swarovski,

Short and Long Lengths
Lengths that are best for your low and high clothes necklines.
Necklace extender that will be longer than the inch afforded by adjustable clasps.
Matching bracelets or necklace sets that extend length

Dressy or Casual Styles
Faceted beads for sparkle
Plain beads for most occasions
Casual materials – wood

Your Favorite Colors
Simple single color necklaces
Take an inventory of your closet. Choose a few colors that can be worn with many of your clothes.
Gemstones are a good choice. The definition of gemstone says it all: beautiful, durable, valuable.

Yellow – citrine, amber, agate, calcite
Dark blue – lapis, sodalite, dumortierite, sapphire, spectrolite, iolite, teal apatite
Light blue – turquoise, aquamarine, chalcedony, apatite, hemimorphite, amazonite, blue lace agate, tanzanite, topaz
Green – peridot, jade, emerald, quartz, malachite, prehnite, serpentine, agate, jasper, green garnet, rhyolite, aventurine
Red – coral, garnet, ruby, jasper, agate
Orange – carnelian, sunstone
Purple – amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite
Pink – rhodochrosite, rose quartz, rhodonite,
Tourmaline, spinel, sapphire, fluorite, jasper, agate are available in many colors
These are only a few of the many beautiful gemstones that are available. They can be found in a wide range of colors and prices.

After you have acquired the basics, buy a few unusual items: multiple strands, large beads, stones with interesting patterns in them, unusual colors, attractive combinations of colors or materials. There are many beautiful designs that are truly works of art. Always choose a necklace that will look great on you. Make sure it can be worn with the type of clothes you have.

Follow the same suggestions as for necklaces.

Basic silver and gold earrings are a must.

If you like to have earrings that match your necklace, buy them at the same time. The same kind of beads from a different source may not match. Natural materials or handmade beads are not exactly alike. Swarovski crystal is the exception. Genuine Swarovski with the same color name will usually match. The beads are machine made using precise quality control.

Do you wear bracelets that coordinate with other jewelry?
If you want a braceelt to match perfectly, follow the same suggestions as buying matching earrings.
Look for a bracelet that has a clasp identical to the necklace. You can attach them together to make a longer necklace.

Do you prefer to wear a bracelet without other jewelry?
Choose designs that will be comfortable.
Avoid beads or dangles that can catch on things or snag clothing.

Look for a clasp that will be secure on your moving arm. Some styles that fasten easily will also unfasten easily.

When choosing a bracelet length, notice the width of the beads. Large beads will take more space and sit farther from your arm than small beads. You will need a slightly longer bracelet.

Remember whenever you shop for jewelry. If you can’t or won’t wear it, even the most beautiful design is worthless. Choose practical designs that will look good on you.

Look for links to gemstones or colors at the bottom of any page.
Browse through the categories. Look for matching earrings and bracelets with the necklaces.

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