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Did you know that historical belief gave black onyx the power to diminish passion, and moonstone the power to reconcile lovers.
June birthstone
Our moonstone jewelry is genuine handmade gemstone jewelry. The beaded necklaces are designed using large beads or small delicate beads. It is difficult to capture in a photo the flashes and sparkles in this beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Matching beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Red and White Moonstone Necklacemoonstone beaded gemstone jewelry red moonstone gemstone necklace Red moonstone drops hang from a white rainbow moonstone beaded gemstone necklace. Both red and white moonstones can show flashes of blue when light hits them. The red color is a ruby red dye. Wear it with anything you would wear rubies with. Especially nice with navy clothes. #440 Moonstone Beaded Gemstone Necklace $36SOLD
Large Moonstone and Spectrolite Handmade Gemstone Necklace moonstone and spectrolite necklaceLarge irregular shaped moonstone beads, hand cut in the USA. Spectrolite is dark blue with lighter blue flashes. In daylight the moonstones also flash blue. #249 Moonstone and Spectrolite Necklace $39SOLD
Spectrolite Earrings spectrolite drop earringsRound dark blue beads drop from a silver post. Match spectrolite necklaces. #5136 Spectrolite Drop Earrings $15.50
Multi Color Moonstone 2 Strand Necklace2 strand moonstone necklace faceted moonstone necklaceSparkling faceted moonstone in white, peach and gray. High quality small gemstone beads. You can twist the 2 strands before fastening the clasp, or remove the S hook and separate the strands to make a single strand extra long necklace. #334 Double Strand Multi Color Moonstone Necklace SOLD
Handmade Tourmalated White Moonstone Necklacetourmalated moonstone necklace This unusual gemstone jewelry has beads of white rainbow moonstone with inclusions of black tourmaline. The moonstone flashes blue when light hits it. The moonstone drops hang from a necklace of black onyx with white crystal spacers. Wear this handmade gemstone jewelry with any color clothes. It looks especially nice with blue that matches the blue flashes of the moonstones. #492 Tourmalated Moonstone Handmade Beaded Necklace SOLD
Rainbow Moonstone and Lapis Necklace rainbow moonstone necklaceWhen light hits these large moonstone ovals, they flash blue color inside the beads. The dark blue lapis lazuli repeats the blue.Wear it with many colors. #392 Moonstone and Lapis Necklace $50
Handmade Beaded Peach Moonstone and White Bone Necklace peach moonstone Two strands of tiny opaque peach moonstones hang from a single strand of white bone beads. The peach colors shade from white to dark orange. A unique handmade beaded necklace that is perfect for summer. #518 Shaded Peach Moonstone Beaded Necklace $35
Handmade Beaded Peach Moonstone and Citrine Gemstone Necklace peach moonstone and citrineA delicate necklace of pale peach moonstone beads and very light peachy yellow citrine. The little faceted citrine rondelles sparkle. #222 Peach Moonstone and Citrine Necklace $35
Common moonstone colors are white, peach, and gray. Multi color moonstone refers to a combination of beads in all three colors. Rainbow moonstone refers to the opalescent white beads that flash colors, especially blue.
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