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Coral Necklaces
Did you know that mini submarines have been used to harvest coral.
This handmade beaded jewelry consists of genuine coral beads, often combined with other gemstones or natural beads. None are imitation. Matching handmade gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Red Coral NecklaceRed Coral and Sterling Silver Necklace Bright red coral jewelry that will add emphasis or contrast with neutral color clothes. Combine it with the black onyx and red coral necklace #B113 from the Black Onyx Set. #RC139 Handmade Red Coral Necklace with S Hook SOLD
Red coral earringsRed Coral Earrings Matches necklace #RC139 also available as clip on earrings #5023 Red Coral Earrings $16
Beaded Jasper and Sponge Coral Necklace sponge coral necklace Large beads and bright copper spacers. Extra large rusty orange fossil coral round beads. The large rice shaped jasper has an off white background with orange veining. Wear this unique necklace with earth tone clothes or match it to a rusty orange top. #455 Sponge Coral and Jasper Handmade Necklace $35
Long Red Coral Necklace long red coral necklace Unique combination of coral bead shapes in a 21 inch bright dark red necklace. Use it to contrast with a high neck top. #386 Unique Red Coral Necklace $35
Red Coral and Turquoise Necklacecoral and turquoise necklace red coral and turquoise necklace Large nuggets of turquoise and bright red genuine coral. Bali silver beads and teardrop add interest. Wear it as a bright focal point. #1036 Unique Red Coral and Turquoise Necklace SOLD
Red White and Gold Coral Necklacehandmade coral necklace red white and gold coral necklace Large red coral beads and white coral chips. Unusual brown coral with gold chatoyancy. #1037Red and White Coral Necklace SOLD
Orange Coral and Brown Jasper Handmade Beaded Necklace orange coral beaded necklace A long gemstone necklace containing bright orange coral combined with tan and dark brown jasper. Perfect for casual or conservative clothes. #503 Orange Coral and Jasper Handcrafted Beaded Necklace $35
Red Fossil Coral Necklace handmade fossil coral necklace red fossil coral necklace A beaded necklace with patterns of rusty reds and browns with an occasional touch of green in the fossil coral beads. Poppy jasper adds dark brown and rust colors. Wear it with earth tone clothes. Good with rust or brick red. #1034 Handmade Red Fossil Coral Necklace SOLD
Sponge Coral and Wood Beaded Necklacesponge coral necklace sponge coral and wood beaded necklace Large reddish orange sponge coral beads. Huge dark brown wood beads. Tan wood beads with orange designs that match the coral color. A big bold handmade necklace that can add a focal point to your outfit. Wear it with burnt orange, rust, or browns. #1038 Handmade Sponge Coral and Wood Necklace $40
Red Coral and White Bone Beaded Necklace handmade red coral necklace This handmade beaded jewelry features a bold contrast of bright red coral with white bone. Add a unique bright focal point to a casual outfit. #504 Coral and Bone Handcrafted Beaded Necklace $35
Coral is an organic gemstone that is formed from the skeletons of marine life. Red and pink are the most valuable colors. Angel skin is a whitish color with light pink or peach. Blood coral is one of the names given to dark red. Most red coral beads are dyed. An ancient belief was that coral would lose its medicinal power if altered by man. It was often used for jewelry in its natural form.
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