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Hematite Necklaces
Did you know hematite is a form of iron ore. A purified ground hematite was once used to polish gems.
Handmade beaded gemstone jewelry. Necklace designs may contain other gemstones. The hematite bead material might be reconstituted. The supplier did not give any information, except that they are genuine hematite. Matching beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Faceted Hematite Necklacefaceted hematite necklace faceted hematite necklaceThe faceting gives a beautiful sparkle to the hematite beads.The Bali style sterling silver adds to an elegant look. Can be worn with formal attire. One of a kind. #388 Faceted Hematite and Silver Necklace SOLD
Handcrafted Faceted Hematite Earrings faceted hematite earringsDangling sparkling hematite beads match necklace #388 #5201 Faceted Hematite Earrings sold
Beaded Hematite Necklace handmade beaded hematite necklacehematite necklace A simple charcoal gray gemstone necklace with metallic luster. Cube shape beads add interest. Wear it with any color clothes. #406 Handmade Hematite Necklace SOLD
Hematite and Natural Onyx Necklace handmade hematite necklace hematite and natural onyx gemstone necklaceThe natural onyx is translucent gray with white bands. The shiny dark gray hematite is a nice contrast. A neutral color that goes with anything. #227 Hematite and Natural Onyx Necklace $35
hematite and gray onyx earringsGrey Onyx, Bali Silver and Hematite Long Earrings Matches necklace #227 also available as clip on earrings #5069 Hematite Long Earrings $20SOLD
Hematite is 70 percent iron. Its ground powder is red and was used in ancient burials. It has been found on Neolithic bones. Much of the hematite used in jewelry has been reconstituted and is also sold as hemalyke or hematine. The name used here is the one used by the supplier.
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