Matching Jewelry Colors

Do you have a new outfit? Looking for jewelry to match? Here are some tips
for finding the right color.

Have you had these problems when try to find a perfect color match?
Photos are not always accurate. Computer screens are not always accurate.
Look for descriptions of the jewelry colors with our thumbnail photos.

Beads are available in many colors, but the selection of fabric dyes available
for clothing manufacturers is greater. New season colors may be a repeat of
an old color, but the hue is slightly different. A perfect match may be impossible.

Try one of these solutions:
1. Use a lighter or darker shade of the same color. It will blend without looking
like a mismatch. Here are examples:

lime green – olive
sage green – forest green
aqua or turquoise – teal blue
pure sky blue – navy or royal blue
orchid – reddish purple
lilac or periwinkle blue – bluish purple
pink – wine

2. Use a contrasting color. It can create a focal point. Yellow or navy blue
can be worn with many colors.

3. Multi color beads that include a small amount of the clothing color. An
imperfect match will be less obvious.

4. The easiest solution is to use neutral color beads. Black, gray, white,
off white, brown, tan can be worn with any color.

Look for the color you need. Use our gemstone color index or bowse the Swarovski
Crystal, Glass, Seed Bead, Pearl , or Wood categories.

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