New Necklaces for May

New Beaded Necklace Introductions for Spring and Summer

Rhodochrosite Necklace
This necklace uses different shapes of rhodochrosite gemstone beads in a pastel plain pink. Pink pearls and rose quartz add alternate textures. White pearls and rock crystal quartz create contrast. Bali silver completes an elegant look.

Rhodochrosite and Rock Crystal Necklace
pink rhosochrosite necklace

Mostly soft pink rhodochrosite with very little banding.
Wear it with darker rose or wine or many pastel color clothes. Nice with navy or black.
#1035 Rhodochrosite and Rock Crystal Necklace $63SOLD

Lemon Chrysoprase Necklaces
Lemon Chrysoprase is a trade name. This gemstone is actually magnesite.
Lemon Chrysoprase Necklace
lemon chroprase and white bead necklace

Yellow green opaque chrysoprase combined with little white beads.
Wear it with dark green, navy, or most pastel color clothes.
#418 Lemon Chrysoprase and White Necklace $31

Lemon Chrysoprase and Black Onyx Necklace
lemon chroprase and black onyx

Yellow green chrysoprase on a beaded black onyx necklace.
Stunning with a black top.Wear it with other pastel colors.
#419 Lemon Chrysoprase and Black Onyx Necklace $33

Matte Black Onyx and Bali Silver Necklace
The Bali beads are handmade sterling silver.Their art deco type designs on a black background add an antique look.

Long Matte Black Onyx Necklace
matte black onyx necklace

The matte finish makes it more conservative than the typical polished look.
Bali silver adds interest.
Can be worn with any color clothes in any season
Available by request in a shorter length.
#338 Matte Black Onyx Necklace $45

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