Fossil Jewelry

Fossil Necklaces
Did you know that this fossil was formed from skeletons of tiny sea creatures.
Handmade beaded jewelry with necklaces that combine genuine fossil with other gemstone beads.
Matching beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.

Natural Fossil Mix and Match Set
Directions and suggestions for using this set are on the Mix and Match Sets Info page. The word natural refers to the color. Fossil is a natural gemstone that can be dyed.

Fossil Mix & Match SetThese natural fossils are included on this gemstone page because some of the strands contain gemstones.You can find other natural beads on the Wood Jewelry page.

Natural Fossil NecklaceNatural Fossil Necklace
This basic off white necklace can be worn with any color.
#NF158 Natural Fossil Necklace with S clasp $29

Natural fossil earringsNatural Fossil Earrings
Matches the natural fossil mix and match set
also available as clip on earrings
#NF5038 Natural Fossil Earrings $15

Fossil and Kambaba Jasper NecklaceNatural Fossil and Kambaba Jasper Gemstone Necklace
one of a kind
Color of Kambaba Jasper is mottled dark grayish green and black.
Use with fossil jewelry #NF158 basic necklace.
#NF159 Fossil and Kambaba Jasper Necklace $30

Fossil and Carved Barrel NecklaceNatural Fossil and Pink Carved Barrel Necklace
one of a kind
These are very large beads. Use for a focal point. I like it on black or gray.
Using the clasp in front, you can also hang the #167 matching pendant.
#NF168 Fossil and Carved Barrel Necklace $33

Pink Coin Pendant Pink Coin Pendant
Size: 33mm diameter, about 1 3/8 inch
Color: shades of pink with darker veins
#167 Pink Coin Pendant $6.25

fossil-ryolite necklaceNatural Fossil and Rhyolite Necklace
Patterns of swirls in light and dark olive green with touches of gray, gold and orange.
Great with earth tone clothes.
Designed as part of the Fossil Set.
#NF199 Fossil and Rhyolite Necklace $35

ryolite necklace with clothes
rhyolite gemstone pendantRhyolite Pendant
Size: 1 1/2 inches long
Each pendant has different patterns.
Designed to dangle from #NF199 necklace.
#NF200 Rhyolite Pendant $7.75

rhyolite and fossil earringsRhyolite and Fossil Earrings
Matches necklace #NF199
also available as clip on earrings
#5071 Ryolite and Fossil Earrings $16

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