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Labradorite Necklaces
Did you know that the flashes of blue and other colors that can be seen in labradorite are called schiller.
Beaded gemstone jewelry. Handmade necklaces using genuine labradorite gemstone beads. The beautiful blue and pale yellow flashes that occur when light hits these beads are difficult to capture in a photo. We often combine the labradorite with other gemstones that echo the colors of the flashes. Matching handmade gemstone earrings priced separately.
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Labradorite Mix and Match Gemstone Necklace Set labradorite mix and match set Faceted labradorite is gray with lots of blue flashes that come from inside the beads.Wear either one alone as a small delicate necklace. Or buy both and combine them as suggested in the Mix and Match directions. Both necklaces combined as a 2 strand labradorite necklace labradorite 2 strand necklace  
Labradorite Gemstone and Swarovski Crystal 18 inch Necklace labradorite gemstone and blue crystal necklaceBlue Swarovski crystals match the blue flashes in the labradorite beads.Gray Swarovski crystal beads match the gray labradorite #L240 Labradorite and Swarovski 18 inch Necklace $35
Handmade Labradorite and Swarovski 17 inch Necklace Labradorite and Swarovski necklaceTiny sparkling labradorite with gray and blue sapphire color Swarovski crystal beads. #L238 Labradorite and Swarovski 17 inch Necklace $35
Swarovski blue and gray earringsSwarovski Blue and Gray Earrings Matches labradorite necklaces #L238 and L240 also available as clip on earrings #5059 Swarovski Sapphire and Black Diamond Earrings $17
Labradorite and Citrine Gemstone Necklacelabradorite and citrine gemstone necklace citrine and labradorite necklaceLabradorite drops hang from a citrine and labradorite rondelle necklace. The drops flash yellow as well as blue. Unique jewelry that can be worn with many colors of clothes. #356 Labradorite and Citrine Necklace $40
Handmade Labradorite Earrings labradorite earringsSmall gray rondelles with blue flashes of color match the labradorite necklaces. #5162 Labradorite Rondelle Earrings $17
Labradorite is a feldspar mineral. The schiller effect is a play of iridescent colors. It is caused by the scattering of light from thin layers of a second feldspar that developed inside the crystal when it was forming. Labradorite was supposed to slow the aging process and heal mental confusion.
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