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Aventurine Necklaces
Did you know that aventurine is a variety of quartz that is supposed to bring mental and emotional tranquility.
All of the aventurine beads in this handmade gemstone jewelry are genuine gemstones. Handmade gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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African Green Aventurine Necklace handmade green aventurine necklace Natural aventurine in dark and light shades of green. When light hits the beads, tiny silver inclusions are visible. This color is pure green, not olive or lime. Large flat oval beads (sometimes called horse’s eye) alternate with smaller elongated flat octogons. #471 Green Aventurine Beaded Necklace $65
Aventurine, Aquamarine and Moonstone Necklace aventurine and aquamarine and moonstone necklaceDark green aventurine contrasts with very light aquamarine and moonstone. #219 Aventurine, Aquamarine and Moonstone Necklace $49
Red Aventurine Necklace red aventurine necklaceBrick red aventurine constrasts with yellow calcite. The copper clasp blends with the reddish orange beads. Perfect with earth tone clothes. #384 Handmade Beaded Red Aventurine Necklace $49
Green Aventurine and Silver Necklacegreen aventurine necklace green aventurine necklaceMint green translucent aventurine with unusual shaped silver goes well with pure greens or navy. #385 Handmade Beaded Green Aventurine Necklace SOLD
Handmade Beaded Green Aventurine Earrings green aventurine earringsPretty green drop earrings match necklace #385 #5198 Green Aventurine Earrings $15
Natural translucent aventurine has sparkling internal reflections caused by inclusions of other minerals. Sometimes the inclusions are too small to see, but they are important for a gemologist to identify the gemstone. Green is the most popular color, but others occur. Many aventurine beads have been dyed. The same name was given to a type of glass first made in Venice in 1700.
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