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Hypersthene Necklaces
Did you know that the weathered variety of hypersthene is bronzite.
Our hypersthene jewelry is genuine handmade gemstone jewelry. The beaded necklaces may contain additional gemstones. None are faux or mass produced. Matching beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Hypersthene and Moonstone Necklacehypersthene necklace hypersthene necklaceThe color and sheen of the hypersthene is impossible to describe accurately and even harder to photograph. It is a very dark brownish black with a lighter play of color that is similar to a cat’s eye but flashes across the whole top of the stone. Small rainbow moonstones act as spacers and add little blue flashes. Wear it with any color, a unique substitute for black jewelry. #382 Hypersthene and MoonstoneNecklace $49
Rainbow Moonstone Earrings moonstone earringsWhite coin moonstones flash blue and match any necklace with white or rainbow moonstones. #5191 White Moonstone Earrings sold
Hypersthene Beaded Necklace with Silver Scale Gemstone Pendanthypersthene gemstone necklace hypersthene necklace with pendanthypersthene necklace without detachable pendant The hypersthene gemstones have a chatoyant sheen that moves as light hits them. The silver scale detachable pendant has sparkling silver specks. The combination makes a stunning unique necklace. This unusual beaded necklace can be worn with or without the pendant. Wear it with hard to match colors of clothes. #447 Hypersthene Handmade Necklace With Silver Scale Detachable Pendant sold
Hypersthene is an unusual gemstone which contains iron and magnesium. It is a dark variety of enstatite and is sometimes known by that name or as labrador hornblende. It is supposed to enhance self esteem.
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