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Sugilite Necklaces
Did you know that sugilite is considered a modern gemstone because it was discovered in 1944. Many gemstones have been used for thousands of years.
Although these sugilite necklaces contain different unusual shades and hues of purple beads, all are genuine handmade gemstone jewelry. Matching beaded gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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orchid sugalite necklaceSugilite Beaded Necklace Bright mottled purple and orchid genuine gemstone beads. Beautiful short necklace that will be a focal point for your outfit. #349 Handmade Beaded Sugilite Necklace $43
flower sugalite-amethyst necklaceSugilite and Dark Amethyst Necklace Gold spacers accent the gold in the sugilite. Combined with dark amethyst creates a regal look. #1013 Sugilite and Dark Amethyst Necklace SOLD
sugalite necklace with pendantFlower Sugilite Necklace with Pendant Light amethyst accents make a soft look. One of a kind #1017 Sugilite and Amethyst Necklace with Pendant $65
sugalite pendant with clothes
Dark Purple Sugilite and Light Amethyst Gemstone Necklacesugilite gemstone necklace dark purple sugilite necklaceLavender amethyst beads act as spacers between nice quality purple sugilite ovals and squares. This very dark necklace is a nice contrast for light color clothes. #346 Purple Sugilite and Amethyst Necklace $49
Dark Purple Sugilite and Amethyst Earrings dark purple sugilite earringsDark and light purple beaded earrings that match necklace $346 #5155 Purple Sugilite and Amethyst Earrings $16
Large Orchid Sugilite Necklacesugilite necklace and earrings orchid sugilite necklaceThis sugilite has beautiful patterns and many shades of bright magenta with gray and white. A stunning piece of sugilite jewelry that is sure to attract attention. #348 Bright Magenta Sugilite Necklace $45
Magenta Sugilite Earrings orchid sugilite earringsGorgeous purples that match necklace 348. #5158 Orchid Sugilite Drop Earrings $16
Dark purple is considered the best quality of sugilite. Magenta is also a beautiful color and can have inclusions of brown, pink, and white. Colors are detemined by the amount of iron, manganese, or aluminum contained.
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