Calcite Jewelry

Calcite Necklaces
Did you know that some of the objects in King Tut"s tomb were probably carved from calcite. The Egyptians called it alabaster.
Handmade gemstone jewelry with beaded necklaces containing genuine calcite gemstone beads.
Matching earrings priced separately.
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Pineapple Calcite Gemstone NecklacePineapple Calcite Gemstone Necklace
Tip: For a different look, wear the clasp at the side instead of the back.The color of this gemstone is a soft light golden yellow and can be worn with almost any style or color.
#126 Pineapple Yellow Calcite Necklace $35

Yellow calcite earringsYellow Calcite Gemstone Earrings
Matches necklace #126
#5018 Pineapple Calcite Earrings $16

Gold and Yellow Calcite necklaceYellow Calcite Chip and Gold Jade Gemstone Necklace
one of a kind, similar available
Color varies from very pale yellow to dark golden yellow.
Can be worn with almost any color clothes.
#163 Yellow Calcite Chip Necklace $31

Round yellow calcite earringsYellow Calcite Gemstone Earrings
Matches yellow calcite necklaces
also available as clip on earrings
#5037 Yellow Calcite Earrings $15

Calcite is a very common soft gemstone found in almost every country. It exists in almost all colors.Various trade names have been given to different colors. A transparent type, known as optical calcite, gives a double image of any object seen through it.
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