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Opalite Necklaces
Did you know that opalite is sometimes called opaline?
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Opalite Necklace Set One of a kind. Similar available. This is a man made stone. We include it with our genuine gemstone collection because of its pretty luminous color. These opalite necklaces vary from almost white, to light blue, to light lavender blue, with flashes of yellow. The color depends on what is behind the necklace. Tip: Try wearing these beads with a low neckline yellow top. [Refer to Mix and Match sets for directions and suggestions.]
Basic Opalite NecklaceBasic Opalite Necklace This blue is not aqua. It tends more toward lavender, like a periwinkle blue. I like it with bluish purple clothes. #OP136 Basic Opalite Necklace with S hook $45
Opalite NecklaceLonger Opalite Necklace #OP137 Longer Opalite Necklace  $45
Opalite earringsOpalite Earrings One of a kind. Similar available Matches the opalite necklace set #OP136 and #OP137. also available as clip on earrings #OP5009 Opalite Rectangle Earrings sold
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