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Tiger Eye Necklaces
Did you know that Chatoyancy is the term used to describe the luminescent band of lighter color that shows in tiger eye.
Genuine tiger eye beaded gemstone jewelry. Handcrafted necklaces may contain additional gemstones. None are faux. Matching gemstone earrings are priced separately.
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Red Tiger Eye Gemstone Necklacehandmade red tiger eye necklace red tiger eye necklaceNice quality red tiger eye ovals exhibit a lot of chatoyancy. The color is versatile. Perfect with a brick red sweater. #341 Handmade Red Tiger Eye Necklace SOLD
Faceted Red Tiger Eye Earrings red tiger eye earringsRound faceted beads in these drop earrings match most red tiger eye necklaces. #5152 Red Tiger Eye Earrings $16
Yellow Tiger Eye Necklace yellow tigewr eye necklace Yellow tiger eye is a pale yellow gemstone bead with a white eye that moves as light hits it. Oval shaped pebbles interspersed in a beaded necklace of yellow and the typical brown tiger eye small rounds. Wear this unique necklace with earth tones and many other clothes colors. #441 Handmade Yellow Tiger Eye Gemstone Necklace SOLD
Tiger eye is quartz with altered fibers of crocidolite, a form of asbestos. Red tiger eye has been heat treated to produce the color.
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