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Lepidolite Necklaces
Did you know that a variety of lepidolite is used to make glass and enamels
This lepidolite beaded gemstone jewelry is handmade using unusual genuine gemstones. The matching pendants can be connected to any necklace using an S hook clasp. Matching handmade earrings and gemstone pendants are priced separately.
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Purple Lepidolite Gemstone Necklace purple lepidolite necklace Large flat beads in 3 shapes. Dark purple lepidolite has tiny sparkling silver specks. Sterling silver spacers match. Wear it with dark purple clothes. Also looks good when contrasting with light colors. #1033 Purple Lepidolite Handmade Necklace SOLD
Pink Lepidolite and Natural Fossil Mix and Match Set pink lepidolite necklace set Pink lepidolite is dusty pink with white matrix that creates off white patterns in some of the beads. Large lepidolite beads combined with natural off white fossil beads. If you like extra large beaded necklaces, combine the two in this set.for a 2 strand or an extra long necklace. Look at the Mix and Match directions.
Pink Lepidolite and Natural fossil Necklace pink lepidolite ovals necklaceNice combination of pink and cream color large oval and round beads. Looks great with dark color clothes. #NF256 Pink Lepidolite Oval Bead Necklace $39
pink lepidolite necklace with donut
Pink Lepidolite Large Donut Pendant pink lepidolite donut pendantDesigned for the pink lepidolite necklaces, but can be worn with any that have an S hook clasp. #NF259 Pink Lepidolite Donut SOLD
pink lepidolite Bali silver chandelier earringsPink Lepidolite and White Fossil Chandelier Earrings Matches mix and match necklaces #NF256 and #NF257 also available as clip on earrings #5067 Pink Lepidolite Chandelier Earrings $25
Pink Lepidolite Large Gemstone Beaded Necklace  pink lepidolite diamonds necklaceBig pink beads contrast with smaller off white fossil beads.For a different look, pair it with Nateral Fossil necklace #NF158 #NF257 Pink Lepidolite Necklace With Squares $39
pink lepidolite necklace with pendant 
Pink Lepidolite Large Pendant pink lepidolite pendantUse this detachable pendant with either pink lepidolite necklace. I also like it with black onyx, natural gray onyx, or natural fossil. #NF258 Pink Lepidolite Pendant $6.75
Natural fossil earringsNatural Fossil Earrings Matches the natural fossil mix and match set also available as clip on earrings #NF5038 Natural Fossil Earrings $15
Lepidolite is a source of lithium, a very soft, light weight metal. It is used for electro-optical ceramics.
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