September Handmade Beaded Jewelry Additions

New Handmade Beaded Jewelry Creations – September
Beaded jewelry with large beads remains in style for the fall season. Tracy and I found some nice large gemstone beads at a recent show. For a few months, we will be introducing new gemstone jewelry containing them.
Genuine Emerald Necklace A dark green handmade beaded necklace with large chunky beads that are an unusual size for emerald beads. An affordable unique necklace. G reat May birthstone jewelry that also is stylish. Perfect for a Christmas gift or just to wear for the holidays yourself. large beaded emerald necklace Length: 17 inches Consists of: irregular rectangle and square shaped thick rondelles of genuine emerald (color enhanced). Handmade Bali sterling silver 12 and 13 mm beads ( larger than 1/2 inch). Black onyx 4 mm spacers. Clasp: sterling silver hook and eye. #454 Emerald Beaded Gemstone Necklace SOLD
Genuine Ruby Necklace Large chunky genuine ruby gemstones are combined with ruby red color moonstones. Both are very large irregular shaped beads. When light hits the moonstones, blue flashes through the red surface. A beautiful unique necklace for July birthstone jewelry. ruby and moonstone necklace Length: 22 1/2 inches Consists of: 3/4 inch -1 1/8 inch long rubies(color enhanced), 1/2 inch – 1 1/8 inch long moonstones (color enhanced), sterling silver connectors. Clasp: sterling silver fancy S hook. #1040 Ruby and Red Moonstone Beaded Necklace SOLD
Blue Fluorite Beaded Necklace These large transparent fluorite beads are various shades of dark aqua blue. The little blue kyanite beads pick up the same colors. Large rock crystal quartz gemstones contrast. Eye catching unique jewelry. blue fluorite beaded necklace Long necklace: 22 inches Consists of: blue fluorite gemstones in 1/2 – 5/8 inch square and rectangle shapes of thick rondelles. rock crystal quartz gemstones in 3/4 inch long irregular shapes. kyanite 4 mm gemstone round beads sterling silver 4 mm round beads Clasp: sterling silver hook and eye #1044 Blue Fluorite and Kyanite Handmade Necklace SOLD
Sponge Coral and Wood Necklace Large reddish orange sponge coral beads. Huge dark brown wood beads. Tan wood beads with orange designs that match the coral color. A big bold handmade necklace that can add a focal point to your outfit. handmade sponge coral and wood necklace Length: 18 1/2 inches Consists of: sponge coral 18 mm (3/4 inch) round beads, Brown wood 22 mm (7/8 inch) round beads, tan wood with designs12 mm round beads. Clasp: sterling silver toggle. #1038 Handmade Sponge Coral and Wood Beaded Necklace $40
Black Onyx with Pyrite Beaded Necklace Large flat black beads with pyrite inclusions. Unique jewelry that can be worn with any color clothes. black onyx with pyrite beaded necklaceblack onyx with pyrite bead10 Length: 18 inches Consists of 32 mm (1 3/8 inches) onyx with pyrite flat ovals, 24 mm (almost 1 inch) coin shape onyx with pyrite, 4mm plain black onyx beads as spacers. Clasp: sterling silver hook and eye #1045 Black Onyx with Pyrite Handmade Necklace SOLD
Handmade Aquamarine Necklace Large genuine aquamarine gemstones interspersed in a beaded necklace of smaller aquamarines. Color is a transparent light blue. This beautiful unique necklace is perfect for March birthstone jewelry. aquamarine necklace Length 18 1/2 inches. Consists of: aquamarine18 mm (3/4 inch) puff ovals, 10 mm puff ovals and 7 mm puff coins, handmade fancy sterling silver beads, 3 mm sterling silver and clear seed bead spacers. Clasp: sterling silver hook and eye. #442 Aquamarine Gemstone Necklace SOLD
Large Pearl Necklace Large white genuine pearls that have been hand dipped to control size and the round shape. This unique necklace includes little bright blue lapis lazuli gemstones and gold daisy spacers. June birthstone jewelry. large pearl necklace Length: 16 1/2 inches Consists of::12 mm (almost 1/2 inch) white pearls, 4 mm faceted lapis lazuli gemstones, 3.5 gold vermeil daisy spacers. Clasp: gold plated toggle #376 Beaded Pearl Necklace $52
Handmade Amber Necklace Large dark amber barrel shaped beads interspersed in a handmade necklace of amber chips. Colors range from golden yellow to dark reddish brown. A very light weight long beaded necklace. long amber necklace Long necklace: 26 inches. Consists of: dark amber 14 mm (5/8 inch) oval beads, mixture of light and dark amber chips. Clasp: gold plated toggle. #1041 Amber Handmade Beaded Necklace $65
Amber Earrings Amber earrings Handmade drop earrings with large dark amber ovals Match amber necklace #1041 Length from top of the gold plated hook: 2 1/4 inches. Consists of dark amber ovals 14 mm (5/8 inches long) and light to dark amber chips #4003 Amber Beaded Earrings $22
Colorful Tagua Nut Handmade Earrings colorful tagua nut earringstagua nut earrings Tagua nuts are from palm trees in South American rain forests.The nut slices have been dyed bright orange, blue and yellow. Flat triangular shapes in 3 sizes dangle from a sterling silver hook. Length from the top of the hook is 2 1/2 inches Consists of: yellow 1 inch, orange 15/16 inch, blue 7/8 inch tagua nut slices. #4004 Unique Tagua Nut Handcrafted Earrings SOLD
Black and White Tagua Nut Earrings handmade tagua nut earringstagua nut dangle earrings Natural white tagua nut slices from South America dangle with dyed black slices. Unique earrings that you can wear with any color. Length from the top of the sterling silver hook is 2 inches. Consists of thin slices of tagua nut. Black – about 1 inch, white- 7/8 inch #4005 Black and White Tagua Nut Handcrafted Earrings SOLD
More beaded jewelry options. See the home page. handmade beaded jewelry .org

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