Swarovski Colored Crystal Necklaces

Colorful Handmade Swarovski Necklaces
These beaded crystal necklaces contain many different Swarovski colors. Some combine Swarovski pearls with the Swarovski crystal beads. These pearls are made by the Swarovski company using the same precise quality control as they use for the crystals. Read more about the Swarovski company on the Learn About Swarovski page.
Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Colors Necklace
Historical information tells us that people collected all the birthstones and wore each one during its assigned month. Read more
Swarovski crystal birthstones necklace
Length: 17 inches
Consists of 8 mm (almost 3/8 inch) and 6 mm (almost 1/4 inch) Swarovski crystal beads in these colors: garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, clear crystal, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, white opal, light topaz, turquoise. Spacers are glass seed beads.
Clasp: silver plate toggle.
Rotate the necklace to place the current month’s birthstone in front.
#481 Handmade Swarovski Birthstones Necklace $39.75
Purple Swarovski Crystal Drop Necklace
Swarovski crystal drop necklace
Length: 17 inches with 1 1/2inch drop
Consists of: Swarovski clear crystal bicone beads in 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm sizes, seed beads,
Swarovski amethyst crystal 6 mm bicone beads,
Swarovski amethyst crystal 30 mm (1 1/4 inch) x14 mm faceted navette shape pendant.
Colors: dark purple and clear crystal.
Clasp: silver plate box style
#526 Swarovski Crystal Beaded Necklace $45
Brown and Green Handmade Swarovski Crystal Necklace
Swarovski brown and green necklacebrown and green necklace close up
Length: 18 1/4 inches
Consists of crystal bicone beads: 6 and 8 mm(about 1/3 in.) smoke topaz and peridot, 6 mm: lt.colorado topaz, mocha, chrysolite Swarovski crystal, gold filled spacers and gold plated twisted tubes
Clasp vermeil gold S hook
#353 Swarovski Peridot and Brown Crystal Necklace $42
Swarovski Jet Black and Clear Crystal Necklace with Black Crystal Pendant
crystal and jet necklacejet and crystal necklace close up
Length: 16 1/2 inches plus 1 1/4 inch drop.
Consists of 3 sizes of clear crystal bicone beads, 6 mm jet crystal bicone beads, crystal seed beads with a 1 inch Swarovski jet crystal pendant on a sterling silver bail.
Clasp: silver plated filigree
#362 Swarovski Crystal Necklace with Black Pendant $49.75
Handmade Swarovski Red Crystal Necklace
red crystal necklacered crystal necklace close up
Length: 18 inches
Consists of 8 mm(about 1/3 inch) and 6mm red light siam, siam, and garnet crystal beads with glass seed bead spacers
Clasp: sterling silver S hook
#365 Three Reds Swarovski Crystal Necklace $42
Red, Gold, Green and Brown Swarovski Crystal Necklace
autumn color necklace
Length: 18 inches
Consists of Swarovski 6mm and 8mm (about 1/3 inch) peridot bicones, 6m Indian red, topaz, light Colorado topaz bicone beads, 4mm clear crystal beads, copper color Swarovski pearls, copper color foil lined seed bead spacers.
Clasp: copper hook and eye
#366 Autumn Colors Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Necklace $39.50
Handcrafted Swarovski Violet and Ruby Red Crystal Necklace
ruby and violet crystal necklaceviolet and ruby crystal close up
Length: 18 1/2 inches
Consists of 6 mm (about 1/4 inch) ruby, purple velvet, tanzanite crystal bicones, rosewater and violet opal crystal beads, crystal seed beads, liquid silver tubes.
Clasp: silver plated filigree
#367 Handmade Beaded Swarovski Crystal Necklace $39.50
Swarovski Crystal, Pink Pearls, and Opals Necklace
Swarovski crystal opal and pearl necklacecrystal opal and pearl close up
Length: 17 inches
Consists of 6mm (about 1/4 inch) Swarovski crystal rosaline pearls. 6mm bicone clear crystal, white opal, violet opal, pink opal, and pacific opal beads. 4mm moon crystal beads. seed bead spacers.
Clasp: silver plated filigree
#372 Handmade Beaded Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Opals Necklace $46

Multi Color Swarovski Crystal Necklace
Swarovski Multi Color necklace
Length: 17 1/2 inches
Consists of: 6 mm and 8 mm Swarovski crystal bicone beads in a variety of colors, crystal E beads spacers
Clasp: silver toggle
Profit from this necklace will be donated to disaster relief. More information
#S275 Multicolor Swarovski Necklace $42

Multi color necklace in 25 inch length
#S275-25 Multicolor Swarovski Necklace $48
Handmade Long Swarovski Red Crystal and Sterling Silver Necklace
extra long red Swarovski necklace
Length: 32 inches. Can wrap around your neck twice for a 16 inch 2 strand.
Consists of: 3 sizes (4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm) of Swarovski crystal bicones in siam, light siam, garnet, black diamond, jet, and crystal colors. Liquid silver (tiny sterling silver tube beads), 4mm and 2.5mm sterling silver round beads.
Clasp: Sterling silver double heart unique hook and eye clasp.
#224 Long Red Swarovski Necklace $58
Light Rose and Crystal Swarovski Necklace with Heart
pink and crystal necklace with Swarovski heartheart toggle clasp
Swarovski crystal and light rose 6mm and 8mm bicone beads, silver plated tiny tube beads, seed beads
18 mm (3/4 inch) Swarovski crystal heart
Clasp: sterling silver heart shape lobster
Length: 17 3/4 inches with a 1 inch drop (heart)
Can be ordered in any length or color, with or without the heart.
#284 Swarovski Clear Crystal and Pink Necklace with Crystal Heart $49SOLD
Golden Yellow and Brown Swarovski Necklace
Swarovski brown and gold necklace
Consists of 8 mm and 6 mm bicones in 3 shades of brown combined with topaz and sun colors of crystal beads. Swarovski copper pearls. Little gold filled round spacers and twisted tubes.
Length 17 1/2 inches.
Clasp: gold plated S hook
#352 Handmade Beaded Swarovski Crystal Necklace $42
Swarovski Rose and Light Sapphire Crystal Necklace
Swarovski rose and blue necklace
Consists of 8 mm light rose, 6 mm rose, light sapphire, and crystal color bicone beads.
clear glass E beads and seed beads.
Length 18 inches
Clasp: silver color flower shape toggle.
#297 Handmade Blue and Pink Swarovski Crystal Necklace $39.75
Aqua and Purple Handmade Swarovski Necklace
Swarovski lilac and blue necklace
Consists of 8mm and 6mm bicone crystal beads in aquamarine, tanzanite and purple velvet colors. glass seed beads, silver plated beads and little tubes.
Length 18 1/2 inches
Clasp: toggle with Swarovski crystals.
#296 Swarovski Crystal Beads Necklace $39.75
Swarovski Multi Color Crystal on Silver Necklace
swarovski multi color and silver necklace
Consists of 8 mm and 6 mm crystal bicones in many different colors. Tiny silver tube beads.
Length 26 inches
Clasp: none. Long enough to fit over the head.
#358 Silver and Multi Color Swarovski Crystal Necklace $44SOLD
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