Handmade Rhodochrosite Gemstone Necklace – 484

Pink Rhodochrosite Beaded Necklace Unique handmade gemstone necklace with genuine rhodochrosite beads. The pink banding contrasts with light gray and white banding in natural onyx beads. The metallic gray of hematite adds greater contrast. An unusual necklace that is pretty without being overpowering. pink rhodochrosite necklace rhodochrosite beads Length: 17 1/2 inches. Consists of: 4 mm and 7 mm ( about 1/4 inch) genuine rhodochrosite round beads, 6 mm hematite beads, 8 m natural onyx beads Color: various shades of pink, white, light gray, dark metallic gray Clasp: silver plated toggle. #484 Rhodochrosite, Natural Onyx and Hematite Necklace $35
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