Quartz Handmade Jewelry – 1055

Ruby Quartz and Sunstone Beaded Necklace
This unique handmade necklace contains a variety of gemstones. Large dark dusky red quartz combined with orange sunstones, gold rutilated quartz, and citrine druzy. Long necklace.
red jasper beaded necklace
Long Length: 30 1/2 inches
Consists of: ruby quartz 1 1/2 inch puff ractangles, sunstone irregular flat rectangles, rutilated quartz 10 mm puff ovals, citrine druzy little faceted rondelles.
Color: mottled dark dusky red, mottled orange with sparkle, transluscent colorless with golden lines, pale yellow.
Clasp: gold plated toggle.
#1055 Ruby Quartz Handcrafted Necklace $45
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