Unusual Gemstone Jewelry

Unique Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry

When you wear this unusual gemstone jewelry, your friends
will ask what it is.

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Peace Stone Jewelry
Dumortierite Jewelry
Pietersite Jewelry
Hypersthene Jewelry
Hemimorphite Jewelry
Unakite Jewelry
Spectrolite Jewelry
Muscovite Jewelry
Sugilite Jewelry
Lepidolite Jewelry
Serpentine Jewelry
Prehnite Jewelry
Opal Jewelry
Sodalite Jewelry
Amazonite Jewelry
Chalcedony Jewelry
Iolite Jewelry

The unique jewelry in this category includes gemstones
you may not recognize. Others may be known by different trade names. The
color or shape may be unusual. Even if you are a gemstone expert, you
may see something different.

Many necklaces or earrings are one of a kind. All of our jewelry is handmade
by us. None is imported or purchased from a jewelry supplier. The beads
come from many different sources.

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Click on a small photo to see a larger picture and additional information.
Because gemstones are not identical, colors and patterns may be slightly different from the photo.

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