Swarovski Mix and Match Jewelry Set

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Set, Mix and Match Beaded Necklaces
This handmade Swarovski crystal jewelry set contains Swarovski handmade necklaces with a similar design that will coordinate beautifully if 2 or more are combined. There are matching earrings. All necklaces and earrings are priced separately. Mix and match colors to create your own unique jewelry. Any other necklace, whether crystal, glass or gemstone can also be combined if it has an S hook clasp and is the proper length. If you need help, contact us. Our handmade Swarovski crystal jewelry can be ordered in different colors or lengths as custom jewelry.
Matching Swarovski crystal bracelets and Swarovski crystal earrings are also included here. Look for additional matching earrings on the Swarovski Earrings page. Click a picture to see a larger photo and additional information.
SWAROVSKI MIX AND MATCH SETThis SWAROVSKI MIX AND MATCH JEWELRY SET consists of beaded crystal necklaces designated by an S in the item number. For information on how to use this necklace set, see our Mix and Match Jewelry Sets page. The sterling silver S hook clasps are interchangeable. You can use a similar size different S hook for any of these Swarovski crystal necklaces. We can change the clasp to an S hook on any of our other Swarovsky beaded handcrafted jewelry. Email us. 
For a multiple strand necklace, buy strands with a difference at least 3/4 to 1 inch in length. The greater the difference, the more space between strands. To combine more than 3 necklaces, order the large S hook clasp #S152  sold separately. You can Special Order these unique necklaces and earrings in different lengths and colors. We include the clasp in length measurements. Swarovski set necklaces Rose necklace dangled from crystal necklace
Swarovski Crystal NecklaceSwarovski Crystal Necklace This is the basic Swarovski crystal beads necklace to wear alone or combined with any of the others in the set. Use it as the extender. Length 16 inches. Wear this simple clear crystal necklace with any color plain or print fabric. #S106 Handmade Swarovski Crystal Necklace $47.75
Swarovski Peridot Necklace Green Swarovski Crystal Necklace  Length: 17 inches This green is not lime green or blue green. Wear with navy, dark greens, earth tones, and neutral colors. #S107 Swarovski Peridot Necklace SOLD
Swarovski Peridot EarringsSwarovski Peridot Crystal Earrings – round  Silver with green crystal setting Matches any Swarovski peridot crystal necklace #5027 Swarovski Round Peridot Earrings $18.75
Swarovski Peach NecklaceLight Peach Handmade Swarovski Crystal Necklace  Length: 17 3/4 inches Wear with earth tones and gray. Combine with the #S106 Swarovski crystal necklace for unique jewelry. #S108 Swarovski Light Peach Beaded Necklace SOLD
Swarovski light peach earringsSwarovski Light Peach Earrings Inexpensive earrings match #S108 Swarovski necklace for a crystal necklace set. #5174 Light Peach Swarovski Crystal Earrings $13.50
Swarovski Jonquil NecklaceSwarovski Jonquil Crystal Necklace  Length: 19 inches This is a pure yellow, not golden yellow. Wear it with navy, green, gray, and pastels. #S109 Yellow Swarovski Crystal Necklace $39.50
Swarovski jonquil bicone earringsSwarovski Jonquil Yellow Earrings Basic bicone shape yellow crystal earrings that can be worn with any yellow Swarovski necklace. Can be custom made in any Swarovski color or clip on earrings. #5106 Jonquil Handmade Swarovski Earrings $16
Swarovski Rose NecklaceSwarovski Light Rose Crystal Necklace  Length 17 3/4 inches Wear with most pastels, dark blue, dark green, purple, pinks, burgundy, teal. #S110 Pink Swarovski Handmade Beaded Necklace $42
Swarovski Rose Crystal EarringsSwarovski Rose Crystal Earrings Silver with rose setting Matches any rose Swarovski crystal necklace. #5026 Swarovski Rose Beaded Earrings $19
Light Rose in Silver Heart EarringsSwarovski Light Rose Crystals in Silver Heart Earrings  Matches any light rose handcrafted Swarovski necklace #5030 Silver and Swarovski Heart Earrings $18
Swarovski Light Amethyst NecklaceSwarovski Light Amethyst Crystal Necklace  Length 20 inches Handmade necklace to wear with pastels, purple, and neutrals. #S111 Light Purple Swarovski Crystal Necklace $39.50
Swarovski Amethyst and Silver EarringsSwarovski Silver and Amethyst Crystal Beaded Earrings  Matches any Swarovski amethyst crystal beaded necklace #5029 Swarovski Amethyst Crystal and Silver Earrings $17
Swarovski Indicolite NecklaceSwarovski Indicolite Crystal Necklace (aqua color)  Length: 17 inches This crystal beaded jewelry can be worn with most turquoise or light blue as well as pastels and neutral color clothes. #S178 Swarovski Indicolite Crystal Handmade Necklace $42
Swarovski indicolite earringsSwarovski Indicolite Earrings A turquoise color that matches #S178 handmade beaded necklace #5175 Indicolite Swarovski Crystal Earrings $13.50
Large Swarovski Flower S HookLarge S Hook with Swarovsky Crystal Large silver metal flower has a Swarovski crystal in the center. Size approximately 1 3/8 x 3/4 inches Add sparkle to any gemstone or glass necklace which has its ends finished with 5mm or larger rings. Because it is not sterling, the end hooks of this clasp might break if you bend them. #S155 large Swarovski S hook Clasp free with purchase of 2 necklaces from this set Click cart.
Swarovski Crystal PendantSwarovski Crystal Pendant  Swarovski crystal pendant This large Swarovski crystal pendant can be worn on any necklace that has an S hook clasp. It looks especially good with necklaces in the handmade Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Mix And Match Set. Size is 30 x 50mm (almost 2 inches long) Sterling silver wire wrap bail #S153 Swarovski Baroque Crystal Pendant $13
Order a custom made matching necklace and earrings set. Email us.
Change the clasp to an S hook on any of our Swarovsky handcrafted jewelry.
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