Swarovski Colored Crystal Jewelry

Colored Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
Does your new formal dress need some sparkle? Swarovski jewelry Would you like a sparkling color? A color you can’t find in gemstones? Swarovski Austrian crystal is available in all the rainbow colors. You can choose beaded jewelry in birthstone colors. Birthstone charts are in All About Beads. Special order a birthday gift of Swarovski. A mother’s birthstone necklace could contain the birthstones of her children. It could also be a mix and match handmade Swarovski crystal jewelry set containing a strand in each birthstone color. Aren’t these unique gift ideas? Unique jewelry makes excellent gifts We offer custom handmade Swarovski jewelry for all your needs. Choose handmade beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets or beaded earrings in your favorite Swarovski color.
Matching Swarovski crystal bracelets and Swarovski crystal earrings are also included here. Click a picture to see a larger photo and additional information.
crystal and jet necklace with pendantSwarovski Crystal Necklace with Black Pendant Swarovski jet black crystal contrasts with sparkling clear crystals. Can be worn with any color to make a bold focal point. #362 Handmade Swarovski Necklace with Jet Pendant $49.75
Swarovski black and crystal earringsSwarovski Black and Crystal Earrings Beaded earrings in drop earrings style. Can be worn with many colors. Match #362 Swarovski necklace. #5171 Swarovski Jet and Crystal Earrings $16
red crystal necklaceHandmade Swarovski Red Crystal Necklacered Swarovski necklace Three shades of Swarovski red crystals will brighten any neutral color outfit. Use the matching beaded bracelet to extend the length for a long beaded necklace. #365 Red Handcrafted Swarovski Necklace $42
red crystal bracelet Red Handcrafted Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Three shades of Swarovski red crystal beads.. Matches the Swarovski necklace #365. Can be used to adjust the length of the necklace. #2020 Red Beaded Swarovski Bracelet $31
Swarovski red earrings Red Swarovski Earrings 2 shades of red match #365 Swarovski necklace and #2020 Swarovski bracelet. #5180 Red Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings $16
Historical information tells us that people collected all the birthstones and wore each one during its assigned month. Read more
Swarovski birthstones necklaceSwarovski Birthstone Colors Necklace This beaded necklace has a toggle clasp that can be worn on the side or front. Rotate the necklace to position the current month’s birthstone in front. Wear this beautiful handmade Swarovski multicolor crystal necklace with any style or color clothes. #481 Handmade Swarovski All Birthstones Necklace $39.75
Swarovski pink and blue necklace Rose and Light Blue Swarovski Crystal Necklace A flower shaped toggle clasp can be placed in front as a focal point. Crystal, pink and light blue colors sparkle in this unique beaded necklace. #297 Handcrafted Swarovski Rose and Light Sapphire Necklace $39.75
Swarovski pink earrings Pink Swarovski Earrings Rose crystal matches #297 and other pink handmade Swarovski necklaces. #5114 Swarovski Rose Handcrafted Earrings $12.50
Swarovski purple crystal drop necklace Swarovski Purple and Crystal Drop Necklace Handmade Swarovski necklace combining clear crystal and amethyst crystal beads. A purple Swarovski pendant drops from the beaded necklace. Perfect for a formal occasion. #526 Swarovski Crystal Necklace With Drop SOLD
Swarovski purple and blue necklace Purple and Light Blue Swarovski Necklace Dark and light purple paired with aquamarine crystal. Silver accents. A colorful unique necklace using genuine Austrian crystal. #296 Swarovski Purple Velvet and Aquamarine Necklace $39.75
Swarovski aquamarine color earringsSwarovski Light Blue Earrings Beautiful light blue matches #296 and other Swarovski necklaces containing aquamarine crystal. #5100 Swarovski Aquamarine Earrings $15.25
Swarovski long multi color necklaceLong Swarovski Multi Color Handmade Necklacelong mulit color Swarovski necklace A long silver necklace interspersed with various colors of Swarovski crystal beads. No clasp. Rotate this unique necklace to put your favorite color in front. Use any color Swarovski earrings. #358 Swarovski Multi Color Crystal on Silver Necklace $44SOLD
violet and ruby red crystal necklace Ruby Red and Violet Swarovski Crystal Necklace A colorful unique necklace design of rosy red and several shades of violet using crystals and crystal opal in beautiful handmade jewelry. #367 Swarovski Ruby and Violet Crystal Necklace $39.50
Swarovski violet earringsSwarovski Light Purple Earrings Violet opal and tanzanite crystal match #367 handmade Swarovski necklace. #5181 Swarovski Tanzanite and Violet Opal Crystal Earrings $16
Extra long Swarovski red necklaceExtra Long Swarovski Red Crystal and Sterling Silver Necklace Colors include black, gray, crystal, and 3 shades of red Swarovski crystal beads. Sterling silver beads and liquid silver. The unusual heart clasp allows you to wrap this 32 inch unique necklace around your neck twice for a 2 strand choker necklace. #224 Long Red Swarovski and Silver Necklace $58
Red Swarovski and silver necklace  Swarovski crystal necklace #224 worn as a choker 2 strand necklace. Also stunning as a long red Swarovski handmade beaded necklace.
Swarovski light siam earringsSwarovski Red Earrings A larger bicone than the other red crystal earrings Matches #224 and other red crystal jewelry. #5182 Red Swarovski Crystal Earrings $16
Swarovski Multi Color Crystal NecklaceMulti Color Handmade Swarovski Crystal Necklace Colorful Swarovski crystal beads in 2 sizes. Can be worn with any color. Outstanding with black or white clothes. The profit from this handmade necklace will be donated for disaster relief. More information. #S275 Multicolor Swarovski Crystal Necklace $42
green and brown crystal necklaceHandmade Brown and Green Swarovski Crystal Necklace A unique mixture of browns and warm greens in a sparkling crystal necklace. #353 Swrovski Peridot and Smoky Topaz Necklace$42
Swarovski peridot earringsSwarovski Peridot Earrings Lime green matches #353 handcrafted Swarovski necklace. #5165 Swarovski Peridot Beaded Earrings $16
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