Sunstone Handmade Gemstone Jewelry – 508

Sunstone Beaded Necklace
Orange is a popular color this year. Our handmade beaded jewelry introductions for May feature orange gemstones. This unique beaded necklace combines sunstone large flat faceted chunks and little faceted rondelles with copper beads. Sunstone is a beautiful gemstone that has little sparkling inclusions. Not limited to summer styles. Wear it in any season. sunstone beaded necklace Length: 18 1/2 inches Consists of faceted sunstone beads: 5/8 inch-3/4 inch flat rectangular chunks, 5 mm rondelles (1/4 inch). Copper oval and round beads, coated pyrite faceted rondelles. Color: orange and bright copper. Clasp: copper toggle #508 Sunstone and Copper Beaded Necklace SOLD
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