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Handcrafted Silver Beaded Jewelry (click here for Gold Jewelry)
Our handmade sterling silver jewelry includes silver beaded necklaces and matching silver earrings (priced separately). We use liquid silver, silver chain, and silver beads. Many of these unique silver necklaces incorporate gemstones or crystal beads.
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Silver Beads and Liquid Silver NecklaceSilver Beads and Liquid Silver Necklace sterling silver bead necklace A very elegant sterling silver necklace. The largest beads are bright silver with 2 different designs cut into them. Tiny little tube beads separate the larger beads. # 177 Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace $58.75
Sterling Silver EarringsSterling Silver Bead Earrings cut sterling silver beads, small round sterling silver beads also available in clip on earrings Matches necklace #177 to make a necklace and earrings set. #5042 Sterling Silver Earrings $18
Silver Chain with GarnetsSterling Silver Chain Necklace with Garnets This is a very delicate necklace. The genuine little garnets alternate with small silver beads throughout a tiny link chain. Adds a nice touch to your image when you want your jewelry to be simple, yet elegant. #186 Sterling Silver Chain with Garnets $42
Coquette with chain 
Sterling Silver Necklace Extender Sterling Silver Necklace Extender Consists of sterling silver liquid silver (tiny tubes) beads Turns a choker length necklace into a nice long length. Does what a short adjustable chain cannot do. Use with any necklace that has an S hook clasp. Available in gold. Contact us. #144 Sterling Silver Ten Inch Necklace Extender $20.50
Sterling Silver and Gemstone Mix and Match Jewelry Set Faceted gemstones add glittering color to delicate liquid silver. The pretty S hook clasp is Bali silver. Combine coordinating colors of different length necklaces. Create multiple strands or longer lengths. Combine iolite, tanzanite, and amethyst. Combine dark apatite and aquamarine. Combine aquamarine and amethyst. Combine all the strands for lots of elegant color without being gaudy. Directions are on the Mix and Match page. Priced separately. Perfect when you need a single strand delicate necklace.
Basic Silver Necklace Basic Silver Necklace Length 16 3/4 inches Cut silver and plain silver beads in this necklace are repeated in all the others in the set. Use it as the extender. Use it as the shortest strand with any of the others.Wear it alone when nothing else seems to match your outfit. #SS204 Handmade Silver Bead Necklace $95
Silver with iolite necklaceDark Iolite Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklace Length 17 1/2 inches This dark iolite handmade gemstone necklace is almost navy blue. A good alternative for black #SS205 Sterling Silver and Iolite Necklace $95
silver with tanzanite necklaceTanzanite Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklace Length 18 1/2 inches Beautiful faceted tanzanite genuine gemstone beads. Not easy to find this gorgeous blue violet color. #SS206 Sterling Silver and Tanzanite Necklace $95
silver and tanzanite gemstone earringsSilver with Tanzanite Gemstone Earrings Matches necklace #SS206 Unique design of faceted tanzanite beads dangling from a sterling silver hoop #5057 Silver and Tanzanite Earrings $26
silver with amethyst necklaceAmethyst and Sterling Silver Necklace Length 19 1/2 inches Medium to dark purple amethyst. A good choice for any season. Wear it with many of the other handmade sterling silver and gemstone necklaces in the set. #SS207 Sterling Silver and Amethyst Necklace $95
silver with apatite necklaceApatite Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklace Length 17 1/2 inches These dark teal blue beads are excellent quality apatite gemstones. Wear this handmade necklace with your favorite neutral color clothes. #SS208 Handmade Sterling Silver and Apatite Necklace $95
silver with aquamarine necklaceAquamarine Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklace Length 18 1/2 inches This aquamarine is a nice transparent light aqua. The color goes well with any of the other handmade gemstone necklaces in the set. #SS209 Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Aquamarine Necklace $95
silver chandelier earringsSterling Silver Chandelier Earrings Matches necklace #SS204 and all other silver mix and match necklaces also available as clip on earrings #5080 Silver Chandelier Earrings $22.50
silver with light and dark amethyst necklaceSilver with Light and Dark Amethyst Necklace Beautiful faceted royal purple amethyst gemstones framed by faceted light amethyst gemstone beads and sterling silver tubes. Not part of the set, but could be worn with any of the necklaces in the handmade silver bead jewelry set Sterling silver toggle clasp #1016 Amethyst Gemstones and Silver Beads Necklace $50
Sterling Silver S Hook Clasps For use with Mix and Match Necklace Sets These optional S hooks may be purchased separately. Buy 2 to use for extending length. Use instead of, or in addition to, those shown with the necklaces. Buy a large clasp to use when combining 3 or more strands for a multliple strand necklace. The size inside each hook determines how many strand rings it will hold.
#191 extra large S Hook#191, width 15mm, extra large hook, will hold 3 or more rings Contact us for price
#193 small hook S Hook#193, width 8mm, small hook Contact us for price.
For information on care of sterling silver, go to the Metal Beads page. To see other information visit Handmade Beaded Jewelry home page.

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