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Tips For Navigating Our Beaded Jewelry Website

A large website does not have to be overwhelming. It easy to find what you want from our huge selection of jewelry, including more than 450 beaded necklaces, 200 beaded earrings, numerous beaded bracelets and pendants.

Are you trying to match a color? Want to see your favorite color?
Use the drop down menus titled Beaded Necklaces By Color and Beaded Earrings By Color, located near the top of any page.

Do you need a particular gemstone? Perhaps a birthstone?
There is a page for each gemstone that can be reached from our gemstone directory. A link to the directory is in the right hand column of any page. There is a partial list of gemstone pages near the bottom of the home page.
Need a birthstone list? A link is in the Learn About Beads menu at the top of any page.

Looking for jewelry made from a certain type of bead material: pearl, wood, crystal, etc?
Use the links in the right hand column of any page.

Just want to browse?
The links in the Online Jewelry Store drop down menu at the top of any page, and the various Jewelry links in the right column take you to pages specifically designed for browsing necklaces (including matching bracelets or earrings). Photos are little thumbnail size with a short description. Easy to skim quickly. Click on a title or photo to see a larger total photo and additional information.

Who is the designer?
All of our beaded jewelry is designed and handmade by Nancy and Tracy. The item numbers tell you who.
100 – 999 necklaces or pendants by Nancy
1000 – 1999 necklaces by Tracy
2000 – 2999 bracelets by Nancy
3000 – 3999 bracelets by Tracy
4000 – 4999 earrings by Tracy
5000 – 5999 earrings by Nancy

Looking for educational info about the beads we use and other related topics?
Use the Learn About Beads menu near the top of any page.
Read blog posts in the News and Fashion category.
Look for links in the home page text.

Enjoy a touch of humor from the dog cartoons scattered throughout the site.
Our precious pet Coquette who was the inspiration for them died in Sept. 2013 at the age of 17 years.

Need more help? Contact us at

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