Handmade Wood and Bone Earrings


This is a selection of wooden earrings, bone earrings, and nut earrings. You can see more. Go to the Wood and Bone Earrings page.
These handcrafted earrings are designed as dangle earrings and drop earrings.
Matching handmade beaded bone and wood necklaces are on the Wood and Bone Jewelry page.
All of our beaded earrings are also listed by color. Pick your favorite from the drop down menu near the top of every page.
Click on a jewelry photo to see additional information and a larger picture.
painted wood earringsPainted Wood Earrings
Red painted flower designs. Drop earrings.
Matches necklace #313
#5111 Painted Wood Handmade Beaded Earrings $14.50

Wood earringsWooden Earrings
Drop earrings. also available as clip on earrings
Matches many wood necklaces.
#5012 Handmade Brown and White Wood Earrings $16

Antique bone earringsAntique Bone Earrings
Drop earrings
Matches any necklace that contains antique bone
also available as clip on earrings
#5036 Antique Bone Earrings $15

handmade carved bone earringsCarved Bone Earrings
Off white carved bone beads give a feminine look. Light weight and easy to wear.
They match the beads in necklace #278 and bracelet #2007.
#5081 Handcrafted Carved Bone Earrings $16

Dark wood earringsDark Wooden Earrings
Drop earrings
Matches necklace #174
also available as clip on earrings
#5041 Dark Wood Handcrafted Earrings $15

zig zag burnt wood earrings Burnt Wood and Dark Brown Wood Earrings
Large wood ovals with a burnt wood design. Drop earrings.
Match wood necklace #211
Can be ordered as clip on earrings.
#5084 Handmade Burnt Wood Earrings $15

carved horn and brown wood earringsCarved Horn and Brown Wooden Earrings
Light tan horn with dark carved design matched with brown wood beads
Matches necklace #214
Can be ordered as clip on earrings.
#5083 Horn and Wood Handmade Earrings $15

large burnt wood square oval earringsLarge Burnt Wood and Brown Wooden Earrings
The large burnt wood square ovals match the beads in necklace #BW253. Could also be worn with #BW252, especially when the 2 necklaces are combined as a mix and match set.
#5085 Large Burnt Wood Handmade Beaded Earrings $16

Nut Earrings
betelnut earringsBetelnut Earrings
Dark wood matches the dark veins in the tan bettlenut.
Drop earrings
Can be ordered as clip on earrings.
Matches necklace #171
#5082 Betelnut Handcrafted Earrings $15

More beaded jewelry options. See the home page. handmade beaded jewelry .org

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