Handmade Red Pearl Jewelry

Handmade Red Cultured Pearl Necklaces

This red jewelry features red cultured freshwater pearl jewelry. The beaded necklaces are handmade.
Red and Gray Twist Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Red and Gray Freshwater Pearl Necklaces
Red and Gray 2 Strand Pearl Necklace
One of a kind.
Length 18 inches
Dark red and light gray cultured freshwater pearls
Twist the 2 strands of pearls as many times as needed before fastening the clasp.
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#179 Dark Red and Grey Beaded Pearl Necklace $35
Dark Red Shell Pearl Necklace
red shell pearl necklace
Length: 17 inches
A unique pearl necklace with three sizes of matching bright dark red shell pearls.
Shell pearls are made by coating a small shell (usually mother of pearl) bead using the same materials found in natural pearls. The size, shape and color are controlled. The surface may have tiny imperfections similar to freshwater pearls.
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#466 Beaded Dark Red Shell Pearl Necklace $35
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