Faceted Gemstone Beads

Facts About Faceted Beads in Gemstone Jewelry, with Video
A facet is a flat plane cut into the surface of a bead. Each facet in a bead reflects light.
A purpose for faceting is to create sparkle. The larger the number of facets on a bead, the more it sparkles. Facets can be large or small. Many small facets will sparkle more than a few large facets.
Facets with unusual shapes can also create interesting designs on a bead.
polka dot black onyx beadThe surfaces of these black onyx beads are frosted.
Facets cut through the surface reveal the area below.
The effect looks like polka dots.
The designs and sparkle are difficult to capture in jewelry photos.
Watch this video showing faceted beads in handmade gemstone jewelry.

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