Cancer Benefit Jewelry Show Video

At a cancer benefit jewelry show for Stewart’s Caring Place, Nancy was interviewed by Diana Ray for the television show, The Art of Living.  Watch this video of Nancy showcasing handcrafted jewelry that she and her daughter made.

No two pieces are the same!

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Disaster Relief

Profit from the jewelry on this page will be charity donations to aid natural disaster survivors.

Forces of nature create beautiful gemstones. Forces of nature also create natural disasters. Natural disasters create victims. We can help survivors.

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Swarovski Multi Color Crystal Necklace
Swarovski Multicolor Necklace
Colorful sparkling Swarovski crystal beads in 2 sizes. Can be worn with any color clothes. Outstanding with black or white.
Profit from this necklace will be donated to a disaster relief charity.
#S275 Multicolor Swarovski Necklace $48

Handmade Beaded Black Onyx and White Pearl Necklace
Pearl and black onyx necklace
Black onyx gemstone beads contrasted with cultured freshwater white pearls. Highlighted with handmade silver beads directly from Bali.
Profit from this necklace will be donated to a disaster relief charity.
#B276 Black Onyx and Pearl Necklace $48

Christian Jewelry
Swarovski Crystal Cross
Swarovski crystal cross

The clear crystal cross is 3/4 inch long. The center of the cross is transparent. The color of whatever is behind it shows through. Sterling silver chain is 18 inches long with a magnetic clasp.
#279 Swarovski Crystal Cross -18 inch Silver Chain $25

Easter Bracelet
Easter gemstone bracelet
Need an Easter gift idea for a friend, Mom, or a girl? A piece of religious jewelry will be an attractive gift. This beaded bracelet uses colors that remind us of events in the Easter story.
Adjustable lengths. adult 7 1/2 to 8 inches, girl 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches
#2005 Easter Gemstone Bracelet adult $20

#2006 Easter Gemstone Bracelet girl $19

The Easter story can be found in the first 4 books of the Bible’s New Testament.
Matthew: chapters 26-28
Mark: chapters 14-16
Luke: chapters 22-24
John: chapters 13-20
The bead colors represent the underlined items mentioned in these quotations from the Easter scriptures:
off white fossil – at the last supper with his disciples, "Then he took a loaf of bread…he broke it apart and gave it to them saying ‘This is my body, given for you.’"
red coral – "And he took a cup of wine…and said…’this is my blood…poured out to forgive the sins of multitudes.’"
green mountain jade – "Then Jesus brought them to a garden grove, Gesthemane,…Judas… arrived with a great crowd armed with swords and clubs…Judas had told them to arrest the man he greeted."
brown wood – "three were crucified – Jesus on the center cross."
gray agate fossil – "Early Sunday morning…Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone was rolled aside from the entrance."
white mountain jade – "They entered the tomb – and there…sat a young man clothed in white…the angel said…’He isn’t here! He has come back to life.’"

Profit from the sale of these items will be given to UMCOR. for the current disaster relief collection.
What is UMCOR?
An organization which provides aid after disasters. An umcor team is among the first to arrive at a disaster site to give immediate as well as long term help. More than just financial aid, personal assistance is given.
UMCOR has been in Florida after hurricanes, in New Orleans after Katrina, in Asia after the tsunami, in California after wild fires, in the little towns in Minnesota and Wisconsin after floods, and many other places.

100% of the money donated goes to relief. None is used for administrative expenses because the United Methodist Church administers and supports UMCOR.

Why did we choose donations to UMCOR? Because it is a worthwhile non profit charity that does not receive a lot of publicity. Because the next survivor of a natural disaster could be you or me.

For additional information about UMCOR and their other programs visit their website at

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