Brown Wood Jewelry

Handmade Brown Wood and Bone Necklaces

Unique brown jewelry handcrafted with beads made of natural wood, carved wood, burnt wood, carved horn, or bone.
Wear these beaded necklaces with casual or conservative clothes when other types of handmade beaded jewelry look too dressy.
Wear brown necklaces with almost any color clothes.
Horn Necklace with Carved Wood Pendant
Wood Pendant Necklacewalnut pendant
Length: 16 1/2 inches with 1 1/2 inch pendant.
Brown horn necklace with a medium brown walnut pendant
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#373 Horn Handmade Necklace with Carved Walnut Pendant $29SOLD
Large Brown Wood Necklace
large wooden necklace
Long necklace: 25 inches
Handcrafted necklace using large medium brown wood beads with a darker grain, rusty brown and very dark brown smaller beads.
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#324 Long Brown Wooden Necklace $34SOLD
Wood and Yellow Calcite Necklace
wood and calcite necklace
Long necklace: 24 inches
Large and small medium brown wood beads combined with golden yellow calcite gemstone beads
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#322 Calcite and Brown Wood Necklace $32
Wood and Jasper Brown Necklace

Jasper and Wood Necklace
Length: 17 inches
Brown, white, black round wood beads in 2 sizes.
A unique necklace with jasper gemstone beads that look like wood
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#W142 Wood and China Picture Jasper Beaded Necklace $29

Brown Wood Coin and Jasper Handmade Necklace

Wood and Jasper Necklace
Length: 18 1/2 inches
Medium and dark brown, black, and white wood beads in various shapes.
Brown jasper gemstone beads.
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Can be combined with necklace W142 to make a 2 strand handmade beaded necklace.
#W143 Wood and China Picture Jasper Brown Necklace $29

Wood, Fossil and Betelnut Beaded Necklace

Wood, Betelnut, and Fossil Necklace
Length: 20 inches
A mix of betelnuts in colors from off white to tan, with dark veining.
Smaller medium and dark brown wood beads.
Off white natural fossil round beads.
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#171 Brown Wood, Betelnut, and Fossil Handmade Necklace $25SOLD

Wood and Bone Necklace

wood and bone necklace
Length 22 1/2 inches
Handmade beaded necklace with reddish brown wood combined with off white bone.
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#172 Wood and Antique Bone Necklace $29

Burnt and Dark Brown Wood Handmade Necklace 

 Burnt Wood Necklace
Length: 17 3/4 inches
Cylinder shape light color beads with dark designs burned into them.
Very dark brown round wood beads.
nore details
#173 Burnt Wood Necklace $29

Brown and Beige Wood with Burnt Wood Necklace
Brown and beige with burnt wood necklace
Length: 21 inches
Large light color wood beads with various designs burned in.
Off white and dark brown wood repeat the colors.
Medium brown wood ovals complete the unique design.
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#211 Burnt Wood Beige and Brown Necklace $30

Long Brown Carved Wood Necklace
Brown Carved Wood NecklaceCarved wood bead close up
Extra long necklace: 31 1/2 inches.
Large brown ovals with carved flowers
Dark and medium brown wood beads.
Yellow jasper gemstone beads
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#213 Handmade Brown Carved Wood Necklace $29SOLD

Rusty Brown and Beige Wood Bead Necklace with Carved Horn
Brown and beige wood and horn necklace
Length: 19 inches
Hornpipe beads with carved designs.
Rusty brown beads that match the color of the carvings.
Beige wood beads.
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#214 Wood and Hornppipe Brown Necklace $29

Brown and Beige Wood Necklace with Large Burnt Wood Beads
brown and beige necklace with burnt wood rice
Length: 17 1/2 inches
Dark stripe designs burned into large beige wood rice shaped beads.
Off white, medium and dark brown wood beads
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#BW252 Burnt Wood Brown Beaded Necklace $35
Dark and Medium Brown Wood Necklace with Burnt Wood
medium and dark brown with burnt wood barrel
Length: 18 3/4 inches
Large beige wood beads with dark burned designs.
Medium and dark brown wood in several shapes.
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#BW253 Burnt Wood and Brown Wood Bead Necklace $38

Brown, Beige and Painted Wood Beaded Necklace
handcrafted painted wood necklace
pinted wood close up
painted wood rice close up 
painted wood necklace close up 
Length: 18 3/4 inches
Hand painted designs on beige wood beads
Light beige and medium brown wood
Matching earrings.
more necklace details
#313 Brown, Beige and Painted Wood Necklace $29
Sponge Coral and Wood Necklace
handmade sponge coral and wood necklace
Large reddish orange sponge coral beads. Huge dark brown wood beads. Tan wood beads with orange designs that match the coral color. A big bold handmade necklace that can add a focal point to your outfit.
Length: 18 1/2 inches
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#1038 Handmade Sponge Coral and Wood Beaded Necklace $37
Cord with Pattern Wood Necklace

Cord with Wood Beads Necklace 
Length: 20 inches
Dark brown cord
Dark brown and hand painted wood beads
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Tip: This necklace is suitable for mens jewelry.
#195 Cord with Wood Beads Necklace $12SOLD

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